1 Call Loans Review

1 Call Loans Review1 Call Loans, by the name itself, implies that you can get a loan by making one call. Think about it this way, they would have to make it so you call up and they get all of your information at once, and get the money to you without you needing to make another call. Sounds impressive but let’s see what really happens when you call.

As ironic as it sounds, we had considerable trouble finding a phone number for them. They seem to want you to apply through their website, so we’re not exactly sure why they call themselves one call loan when they obviously don’t want you to call them. The application they have is not hosted on a secure server, so there’s no way we’re going to apply through the site.

What’s stunning is that they have the most confusing name, calling themselves One Call Loans when there isn’t a phone number prominently listed at their site. Let’s do some more digging and see if we can get any sort of contact number for them, toll free or otherwise.

1 Call Loans Review

1 Call Loans makes us laugh out loud because even on their About Us page there is no phone number. If you are looking to do a loan by phone and found this site that says one call loans you’d be all excited to be able to call and get your loan with one call. But then you’d be all disappointed that you wasted your time looking for a phone number that is not to be found. They obviously do not want to talk to you, since they have no phone number on their site, even though most lenders will put a toll free number clearly on the top of the page.

Why Use Them?
So if you can’t call them up to get a loan, why would you go with them? That’s a good question, because with identity theft the way it is, maybe you felt more secure calling someone and submitting your information to a real person. But as long as they use an encrypted site for their application you could give them the data and they could process it. But they do not have a secure server, so they are actually contributing to identity theft by having you send sensitive personal information like your banking and employer information over an insecure site.

How to Fix It
1 Call Loans needs to have a toll free number that people can call and they should have it set up so that when they call they can get a loan with one phone call. That would be living up to the promise of the name. They would have to staff the phones with real agents that are able to make the loan decision directly so that the consumer has the ability to have a loan completed by the time they get off the phone.

Think about Amazon and the One Click ordering they patented. They literally had to make it so that you can order things with just one click, or they wouldn’t have been able to patent it. If they called it one click ordering but it took two clicks, it’s misleading. But what’s happening here would be like if Amazon called it one click ordering but in order to order you had to call them and place an order with an agent. It’s the exact opposite!

Our Recommendation
1 Call Loans doesn’t make any sense to us, and we’re recommending that you don’t go with them. Not only do they not live up to the promise of their name, they don’t provide you with a secure application, and there’s no telling what will happen to your data once you hit the submit button. In order for them to get out recommendation they’d need to make sweeping changes in their business model, and we don’t see that happening any time soon.

It baffles us that they would call themselves One Call Loans and then not provide a phone number. It is simply dumbfounding, and we’re not sure what sort of image they’re trying to go for when they don’t even have a phone number to call.

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