123 Cash Mart Review

123 Cash Mart123 Cash Mart is a direct lender that’s family owned so they are quite different than many of the lenders that are out there.

In this industry, anything different is good, and they really set themselves apart by being a smaller sized lender that still has room to grow and take on new customers. They are not so big as to alienate their user base, and they are not so small that you’ll ever have to worry about them not having money to lend.

But perhaps the biggest draw to a company like this is the customer service factor. By being the right size they are able to be professional, but also personable. If you go to a cookie-cutter payday lender, like some of the big national places, they treat you like a number and that’s really all you are to them, just some numbers on a balance sheet or a stock ticker. You get a little poorer while they get a little richer.

123 Cash Mart Review – A Direct Lender

123 Cash Mart is not a payday matching service, but rather a direct lender. A matching service has no money to lend and is just trying to collect a finder’s fee or a commission by passing your application to actual lenders. But Cash Mart is a direct lender, and will make the final say as to whether they will lend to you or not. You simply apply right to the source and get an answer and your money right away.

Even if you have bad credit that they you should still apply because it isn’t taken into consideration to make your loan. Like most payday lenders they aren’t in the business of only lending to people with excellent credit. They know that if you’re looking for a payday loan instead of going to the bank that you probably can’t qualify for a bank loan, so they look at your steady income as the collateral they need to feel comfortable giving you a loan.

Family Owned
123 Cash Mart is a family owned business, which is a rarity when it comes to payday lenders. Usually you’ll see that they’re a faceless corporation or a Native American tribe. It’s interesting that they’re able to run a successful loan company and keep it within the family. This results in a really nice energy that you get from them, even though the industry itself is pretty lousy, you can still find a diamond in the rough here and there.

One thing we did notice is that their application is not securely hosted. Most of the time this is a bad sign and means that you should steer clear of the lender in question because it’s rather easy to host your website securely, and doesn’t cost much extra either. But in this case, being a family run operation we’re willing to overlook it. They provide a phone number to call in and apply, and this would be a more secure way to go about it.

Education Provided
You can tell that they’re not just trying to get you to take out a loan, and that they are really trying to let you know what a payday loan is so that you can determine if you actually need one or not. When a company takes the time to put information on their site that is designed to fill you in on how everything works, and what you’re getting yourself into, it shows that they care about the long term ramifications of having you as a customer, and not just the short term potential gains. It’s quite refreshing to see, since most of the time a site is only geared at getting you to apply for a loan.

Our Recommendation
123 Cash Mart is a good choice if you’re looking for a direct lender that is not as big as some of the publicly traded companies out there. They will give you more personal service and you won’t be throwing away your hard earned cash just so some CEO can put another gallon of gas in their private jet. The only problem is that they don’t host their application securely, so you’ll want to call them rather than fill out the online application.

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