123 Loan Advance Review

123 Loan Advance Review123 Loan Advance offers a completely online experince. They use the term 123 to refer to the three step process involved. Completing the application is the first step, but really doing your homework is the first step so it’s a good idea that you’ve come here to see if they are a good company to go with or not.

Unbelievably there are still some borrowers that don’t do their research before signing a loan agreement with a company. It’s always best to find out what you can expect and see if this is the best option going before finalizing anything. In this case we recommend checking out a payday lender before you even apply. That’s because there are so many different types of payday companies. There are those that simply match you up with a lender, and there are direct lenders that will send the money to your account directly.

There really isn’t too much about this company that would sway us to go with them. Even their email is temporarily unavailable, whatever that means. Go with a company that has customer service in place, a secure online application, and plenty of helpful information about what to expect, which 123 has none of.

123 Loan Advance Review

123 Loan Advance says they are a direct lender, or actually what they say is that they “provide direct lender no fax cash advance payday loan services with no credit checks”. We’re not sure if they really are a direct lender or not, because they look more like a matching service. This might be a fancy way of saying that they provide access to these loan services, but they haven’t assured us that the money is actually going to come from them, based on the information provided at the website.

Security Issues
When you get to the application page, notice how it just says http in the address window and not https. This means that the security of the page is questionable at best. They have a lock icon that says “Open New Secure Window” but when you click on it another insecure page pops up. This is a grave detail to miss, and it basically means you are sending your sensitive information over an insecure connection. You don’t know who has access to it, and the company doesn’t know either because this is how identity theft happens. A third party intercepts the data and uses it nefariously.

The thing is that hackers and thieves will spend extra attention on a payday site like this one because they know people are desperate and filling out these application which include social security numbers, bank account numbers, names, and addresses. You just don’t want to take the risk of having anything happen to your information. Always go with a company that can afford to keep the lights on.

How They Could Fix Things
First they’d have to get a securely hosted application page with https in the address window. It’s not hard to do and it’s not expensive either so there’s no reason for them not to do it. Next, they could clean up some of the links at the bottom because there are simply too many of them and some of the pages they lead to are just plain strange, like the Payday Loan Myths they have. You wouldn’t want a payday lender to try to dispel payday myths, because you would want a more credible source. Of course they’re going to say things like they’re not loan sharks, and payday loans are for everyone, and that there aren’t high fees and rates, they’re a payday lender trying to get you to take out a payday loan!

Our Recommendation
123 Loan Advance has some major issues, namely the insecure application. Personally, we wouldn’t fill out an application on an insecure page ever. It is basically throwing around your personal and banking information to whoever wants it. On top of that they haven’t given much assurance as to what happens once you fill out the application, and how confidentially they will keep your data. Overall this site gives us an uneasy feeling, which is the last feeling you want to have when you’re trying to take out a loan online.

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