24 Seven Loans Review

24 Seven Loans ReviewAs the name implies, 24 Seven Loans (24/7 Loans) is open all the time, and they can even process your application on weekends and holidays. Financial troubles don’t take a break just because it’s the weekend, so why wait around until Monday or for regular business hours when you have a pressing emergency?

Realizing that you’re dealing with a matching service and not a direct lender is the first step. They are not going to loan you any money, but rather they exist in order to link you up to lenders that are looking to loan to borrowers with less than perfect credit, or even bad credit.

24 Seven Loans Review – 90 Second Approval

24 Seven Loans says they can get you an approval in just a minute and a half. That’s pretty fast for this industry, and usually we see it taking about an hour. So when you apply just be sure to relax if you don’t get that approval in 90 seconds as promised. It could be that it’s just a preliminary approval that they send you, and then you get an official response later on.

7 Minute Application
They say it only takes 7 minutes from start to finish to apply for a loan. If you’ve ever been to a lender with an application that is several pages long, or just needs one more step, and then one more step after that, you’ll appreciate being done after just 7 minutes and not having to fill out form after form just to get a few hundred dollars. While it’s best not get out your stopwatch and see how long it actually takes you, it’s nice knowing that it’s a concise application process and you won’t be burdened with provided too much information.

All Credit Accepted
They say that all credit is accepted, which is something that most payday lenders offer, seeing how if you had A1 credit you’d likely be getting a loan from the bank and not resorting to payday loans. If a payday lender started being picky about credit scores and credit history, they’d be out of business in a jiffy. So if you’ve been rejected for a loan based on your credit, you’ll appreciate that you don’t have to worry about what state your credit is in, you can still get a loan.

Uses of the Loan
If approved, you’re able to borrow up to $1000 from 24 Seven Loans, and they say that their customers use this money for all sorts of things. For example, they say you can use this for debt consolidation. If you have a lot of little debts totalling less than $1000, you can pay them off with this one loan and then just make one payment until it’s all paid off.

They also say that people use this money to pay monthly bills, but that’s a horrible idea. If you need a loan to pay bills that come in monthly, something is seriously flawed and you’re living beyond your means. Nothing will help unless you reduce your monthly expenditures. Taking out a loan to pay for basic needs is a one way ticket to bankruptcy and financial ruin.

Financial emergencies are another reason listed for how people use the money, and one of those is car repairs. You always have to factor whether it’s a good idea to dig yourself out of a financial jam with a loan, because the loan can become a financial problem as well if you’re not careful. Using the money for home repair projects is yet another example, but it had better be a dire home repair emergency to take out a loan in order to fix it, and not just some weekend warrior DIY project you’re interested in.

Our Recommendation
There are a few unique features that sets 24 Seven Loans apart from the competition, and we like how they offer a top-notch secured site that you can feel good about using. They aren’t a lender, but they’ll put you in touch with lenders that want to lend to people that have your exact criteria. That can be a nice welcome from having to deal with lenders that want you to jump through hoops, or that reject your application after you spend half an hour filling it out.

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