500 Fast Cash Review

500 Fast Cash Review500 Fast Cash says they can get you money quickly and with a 3 step application process.

We’ve seen many times the idea of the 3 step process used as a marketing term, and usually consists of filling out the application, getting all the documentation signed, and then getting the cash. It is not typically as easy as they make it seem because you will have to wait for an approval and then you’ll have to wait for your bank to release of funds into your account.

The application itself is 5 pages long, and on the first page the last you for your social security number, your birthday, your drivers license number, as well as all of your contact information including your mailing address. That’s quite a lot of information to collect on the first page, and it’s a good thing they are using an encrypted server in order to host the application because you’re giving some pretty personal information. In our modern society with identity theft on the rise, you always want to make sure that you’re using a secure page if you are going to transmit details like your social security number and birthdate.

500 Fast Cash Review – Key Highlights

500 Fast Cash has different options when it comes to paying back your loan. You can choose the pay back on your next payday, just like a traditional payday loan, or you can set up a repayment schedule that will be based on your individual situation. They do note that you will have higher fees if you go with this option, so in order to keep the cost of the money as low as possible, you should pay it back on your next payday.

Like most loans of this type you are going to need to meet some basic requirements before you are able to access the cash. They point out that you need to be an adult, at least 18 years old or older. For this loan you will need to provide two references of a personal nature so that they will be able to contact them in case of non payment. You must also have a checking account that is active and open so that they are able to send the money to your account, and also take out the payments on the agreed-upon due date. You also need to have a job for at least one month, so that they are able to verify that you do have a source of income and they will be assured of getting their money.

Tribal Owned Company
500 Fast Cash is a company that is owned by a Native American tribe, so they won’t be paying any income tax, or state tax. They will be operating within the confines of the reservation, so they won’t be improving the local economy where you live. If you are going to get a payday advance, it may be better to go with a local company that is providing jobs and income where you live, rather than keeping it all for themselves.

We only provide this information because some people find it relevant as to whether or not they want to do business with a company, and what the company is going to do with the funds. Also, it could come down to a matter of following the laws set forth by the federal government when it comes to collecting the money. There are laws in place the company has to follow when they are trying to collect money from an individual, but a sovereign entity like a Native American tribe will not have to follow those federal guidelines.

Our Recommendation
500 Fast Cash doesn’t provide enough information as to what they can offer you in order for you to go with them over other options that are available. When you are looking for a payday loan you basically have hundreds of choices, so you should always go with the one that makes the most sense when looking at the numbers. If you could get a better idea of the rate you be paying for the money you then we’d say this would be an okay company to go with, but since those details are not provided it makes it hard to recommend going with them over a different lender.

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