60 Minute Payday Loans Review

60 Minute Payday Loans Reviews60 Minute Payday Loans says you can get up to $1000 cash when you have an emergency that can’t be solved any other way. They say that they’re safe and secure, but they keep your information confidential, and that they make the process easy.

Like most payday lenders they say that this is a three-step process. The first step is filling out the application, the next step is getting approved, and the third step is receiving the money into your bank account. While this is pretty much the three basic steps you need to take, the process can be a little harder than it seems at first. Filling out the application can take some time, and getting approved takes time, and of course getting the money into your bank account usually takes longer than you’d think.

But with 60 Minute Payday Loans this put the one-hour time limit right into their name so you’d expect the whole process to be done pretty quickly, and it should rival the speed of a brick-and-mortar real-world payday lender. As it turns out, they doing pretty good job of finding the right lender for the right person, and there are plenty of people have said they were able to get the money they needed quickly by using the service.

Detailed 60 Minute Payday Loans Review

Here are the reasons they say you should get a payday loan: They say that you will be able to avoid the charges your bank if you are about to overdraw your account. This may or may not be true, and if it is you may or may not be saving a good amount of money. While it’s true that banks charge excessive overdraft fees, payday loans charge excessive fees as well. It could be 6 in one, 1/2 dozen in the other when all the dust settles. They also say you can avoid late fees on your bills if you are running behind this month. Again, you’d have to calculate whether or not the fees from the payday loan will be less than the late fees on your bills.

They also say that a payday loan could be used to pay late rent. However, let’s be straight, if you are taking out a payday loan to catch up on your rent you are in a pretty bad situation and a payday loan is not going to make anything better. Sure, it may get your landlord off your back, but for how long? And now you’ll have a payday lender calling you all the time once you default on your loan.

They also say that you can use your payday money to pay medical bills that insurance won’t cover. But this is not likely the case because medical bills usually are thousands of dollars, and the most they are able to land is $1000. They bring up the idea of taking a payday loan to do home repairs, but this is probably not a good idea, even though they bring up the problem of having a leaky roof, a well-placed pot will get you by until you were to pay cash.

Not a Direct Lender
60 Minute Payday Loans is a lender matching program so they don’t actually loan you the money directly. They do say that they have an instant approval process, so you don’t have to wait around wondering if you’re going to get the money or not. You should know pretty quickly if this is going to be the fix for you, or if you need to go to a different site.

Our Recommendation
This seems like a pretty good lender broker to go with. The 60 Minute Payday Loans website is well developed and secure so you don’t have to worry about giving your information over the Internet, and they match you up with a lender you won’t have to spend hours going to dozens of different lenders, filling out an application at each one. Also, it’s a free service so you won’t be paying any extra for your loan by using it. What happens is they will just charge whichever lender you get matched with a fee for finding you as a customer. It is a system that works out pretty well for everyone, saving you time, saving the lender the process of trying to find new business, and giving 60 Minutes their fee for providing a nice landing page that securely collects your info.

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