A Plus Payday Loan Reviews

A Plus Payday Loan ReviewsThe first thing you’ll probably notice about A Plus Payday loan is that they really want you to sign up for a loan. They pretty much offer no extra information and are looking for you to provide your contact information right from the start.

This is typical for many payday sites, since there is a lot of value in the information you’re providing. They know that if they can collect your personal and banking details there’s a high likelihood that you’ll go through with getting a loan because all they’ve got to do is get you approved. But most lenders are a little more professional and will lead you to their application page rather than providing a page with one function and one function only: to get you to apply.

Aside from that we look at things like customer service, and we could find no evidence that any exists. No phone number or email address is provided. They don’t even have their application page hosted on a secure server. There really isn’t any reason to give them your contact information over an insecure server, let alone your banking details and employment information. In the financial industry it’s paramount to keep this sort of information confidential, and if they can’t take the rather easy steps to encrypt their website, how can you be sure your information is safe once you send it?

A Plus Payday Loan Reviews

One of the things that you’re looking for when determining whether to do business with a company is do they give you any chance to build rapport with them. Do they have a phone number in case you need to talk to an actual person? Do they have an FAQ page that gives you important information that others have asked, and maybe some questions that you should have asked but didn’t think of. In this regards A Plus Payday Loan doesn’t offer anything of the sort, and they are basically just an online application, and not a website.

Their Corporate Family
When you are signing up for a loan you’ll be required to click that you understand that they’re going to share your information with other companies that are in their “corporate family”. This basically means that you can expect to get bombarded by solicitations for anything related to the financial industry or even non-related industries. Even with that agreement alone you are doing them a big favor, because they can sell your address to anyone they deem worthy enough to call family, and they’ve now made money off of just your information.

A Matching Service
The odd thing is that A Plus Payday Loan doesn’t actually loan any money out themselves. They simply match you up with lenders and those lenders will handle your account from there. This is a pretty common practice in the payday lending industry, and it’s really a matter of using one of these matching services or going with a direct lender. A direct lender is one that deals directly with the public and is loaning their own money to you from their private supply. Some lenders have their loans underwritten by banks, but direct lenders have their own cash handy.

Lead Generation
You’ll have to make up your own mind as far as how you feel about matching services. But in our opinion, no matter if you’re a direct lender or a matching service you should add value to the consumer and not simply be about collecting information and generating leads. The A Plus site does not offer any sort of information as to why you might need your payday loan, how the process works, or even how to avoid getting a payday loan. For that reason there are other companies that are doing a better job of educating the consumer, and have larger networks of lenders to match you to.

Overall, we’re recommending against going with A Plus Payday Loan because they bring nothing to the table, and there are plenty of other options that have excellent customer service, encrypted applications, and additional information you will find helpful like how the process works, the rates you can expect, and how to take better care of your finances.

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