ACE Cash Express Review

This review of ACE Cash Express will look at the qualities that determine whether a lender is worth doing business with or not. In the world of finance a payday loan is nearly always the worst decision you can make, so it’s a good idea to find a reputable company so that you don’t get even deeper in debt. ACE Cash Express is one of the few companies out there that seems to genuinely be doing their best to provide a service, without bilking you for all that you’re worth.

ACE Cash Express: A Real Lender

ACE Cash Express is a real-world lender with physical locations throughout the United States. It is important to make this distinction because many online lenders do not have the responsibility of building and staffing a brick-and-mortar location. A place like ACE has to train and employ staff to answer questions and be there to conduct transactions. They also have business licensing that has to be in place in order to operate in a city and state.

ACE Cash Express Review

The reason this is important is because it forces a company like ACE Cash Express to follow the law and abide by the regulations that are in place in each state. If you ever have the choice between going with an online lender and visiting your nearby company you should always go with your neighborhood lender. You can build a rapport with the staff, you know that they are following the laws that govern payday loans in that state, and often they will not require you to grant electronic access to your bank account.

Other Loan Options Available
ACE also gets involved with title loans, which gives you another loan option other than a payday advance. When you take out a cash advance you are putting your future earnings up as collateral for the loan. When you take out a title loan you are putting up your car as collateral. In the world of loans, the terms and conditions are more favorable when you put something up of value. Your future pay does not have any value because it is more like a promise, and the lender has no guarantee that you will have the money in your bank account when they go to collect.

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A Long History of Excellence
Unlike many of the fly-by-night middlemen you’ll find when doing a search for payday loans on the Internet, ACE Cash Express has been around since 1968. In the world of business the longer you’ve been around the more likely it is that you’re providing quality service and know how to operate your establishment. Only time will tell if they’ll be around for another 43 years, but it beats doing business with a company that has only been lending money for a few short years.

Community Involvement
ACE Cash Express gets directly involved in the communities they serve and tries to act more like a bank than a typical payday lender. Online loan companies don’t do any sort of philanthropy in their local communities because they don’t have a physical presence to speak of. Taking out a payday loan might not be a pleasant experience, but at least if you know that the company that is taking your money is giving some of it back to your local community, it doesn’t hurt as bad.

Financial Literacy
Many payday lenders offer some sort of section on their website devoted to financial education for their customers or prospective clients. In many ways this is just a gesture to show that they’re trying to educate the consumer, but with ACE Cash Express they seem to have put some thought into their information. They have a pdf worksheet that will help you establish a monthly budget. If followed, a monthly budget in most cases will eradicate the need for a payday loan. Of course they know that most people will have trouble creating and then sticking to a budget and will still end up a customer, but at least they make an effort.

Final ACE Cash Express Review: Recommended
No payday loan company is perfect, in fact they’re all offering a horrible product with very little value. However, if you’ve made the decision to take out an advance, do it at a place that you can visit and interact with a person face to face. ACE Cash Express is running a successful business, giving you lending options and convenient side products like prepaid debit cards, tax service, auto insurance, money orders, and bill pay so you don’t have to run around town as much.

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