Advance Financial Review

Advance Financial ReviewAdvance Financial says if you need cash now they can help, and they offer different types on loans so you have some extra choices and can possibly get better terms and conditions and you would from a place that is just a payday lender.

It’s always nice when a lender can offer you different options rather than just trying to pigeonhole you into one specific type of loan. Its pretty apparent that they are trying to be your one-stop source of cash when you need it because of the many different services they have available. You can get your typical cash advance as low as $25 and all the way up to $425 using their cash advance service. Or you can go with one of their installment loans and nose go from $100 to $2000. they also offer check cashing so if you have a check that you need cashed they will be able to service you and not charge you a super high fee to do so.

They also offer online loans so you don’t even have to visit one of their stores in order to get the cash you need. However you do have to live in Tennessee in order to take care take advantage of that service. And finally they offer title loans which you will need a qualifying vehicle in order to take advantage of, however since you are putting up something as collateral you don’t have to worry about a credit check and you still get to drive your car while you are paying back the loan.

Advance Financial Review

Advance Financial likes to point out that if you don’t see one of the services you need listed that you should keep in mind that they do have other services available, in case you need a prepaid card or need to pay some bills or pick up a money order they have Western Union services available to meet your other financial needs. This means that no matter what you need in the given moment they will be able to assist you. You can even pay your cell phone bill at one of their locations as well as your other bills from more than 100 different businesses and utilities.

They do provide a link on consumer education in regards to financial literacy, so you can get up to speed on what these different loans mean and what sort of trouble that people get into when they take on loans like this. The last thing you want to do and is going into more debt or get in over your head and make your current situation worse the wrong loan or wrong type of loan. The more information you have available to make your decision the better, because an informed decision always turns out better than an uninformed one.

Advance Financial is an example of a company that is doing everything right, which is nice because there are so many businesses out there that are doing it wrong. Rather than bombard you with promises and type up the benefits of the loans that they provide they take a very humble approach and simply let you know how much the money will cost and what you can expect when you take out the loan.

One thing we did notice is that their application is not entirely secure. You can tell that they tried to encrypt the page with an HTTPS, but their certificate has not been properly maintained and now it says that the public audit records are not available. The connection is encrypted with obsolete cryptography, so it is not secure anymore. Once they fix this minor oversight there isn’t anything we would change about the company.

Our Recommendation
Advance Financial gets our recommendation for having so many different loans available and having a strong desire to help borrowers make the right choice. Also, it is nice to have a place that you can go to I can take care of all your different financial needs all in one place rather than running around town to different business is trying to take care of your bills and payments due.

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