Advance Me Today Payday Loan Reviews

Advance Me Today ReviewsAdvance Me Today says that it’s fast and easy to get a payday loan from them, and that you can loan up to $1000 and have the money in your account the next business day. We took a look to see if they have any features that might make a person decide to go with them over the competition.

The first thing we noticed was that they are flexible when it comes to the repayment dates. They allow you to pay a minimum amount and pay down the rest on concurrent paydays. This can be a huge help, and is the reason why so many people get caught up in the classic payday loan trap. When the full loan is due on your next payday, you’re pretty much out of luck at making it another two weeks with whatever is left over, which forces many people to re-loan and pay the full fees all over again.

The next thing that is important to verify when evaluating an online lender is whether they keep their site secure. They’ve got it set up so that all of the important pages are encrypted, including the application page, and the log-in page for existing customers. You’d be amazed how many supposed payday lenders don’t encrypt their sites and expect you to transfer your information on an insecure webpage. This is just disaster waiting to happen, so it’s nice that they take the necessary precautions so you can do business with them and not fret about your info.

Advance Me Today Payday Loan Reviews: Customer Service

Advance Me Today offers a live chat service, which puts them well ahead of plenty of online lenders that don’t bother to offer live chat, or ones that offer it but are always offline. They’ve also got a manned toll free customer service number, that has weekend hours. Most places don’t offer any sort of weekend assistance, so this is a big plus. So they easily pass the test of whether or not they have quality customer service.

They provide a lot of extra information that is useful if you are taking out a payday loan for the first time. If you’ve already taken out loans before, you’re probably familiar with how the process works, and don’t really need an overview, but it’s nice that they break down how a payday loan might help. They even reiterate that these loans are for emergencies, and that they’re not really the solution to a long-term financial problem. It’s nice when a lender reminds people about that, because it’s easy to forget it in the moment.

The Payment Process
You’re able to pay off your balance in full at any time without incurring a prepayment penalty. They say that they prorate the fees, but their fee chart shows the same fee being applied to a 14 day loan and a 30 day loan, so it’s a little confusing. You’ll definitely want to sort out what the total cost of your loan would be, either with one of their reps, or by looking over the loan agreement carefully before going through with the transaction.

Dealing with a Direct Lender
Advance Me Today is a direct lender, so when you apply to them they’re the ones that evaluate whether you’ll get the loan, and they aren’t just farming your information out to the highest bidder, or selling it to tons of different lenders. This also means that they’ll provide you with an account that you can log into in order to check your account, and to take out another loan in the future, making it that much easier if you ever run into trouble again.

Our Recommendation
Because of the flexibility of the repayments, and the quality customer service that we analyzed first hand, we’re giving them the go ahead as far as a potential lender. This means that you should add them to your short list of potential lenders, and compare them to other options before making a final decision. In the end, you’re in the driver’s seat, so you have to make sure that you pick the best possible company for your specific needs.

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