Allied Cash Advance Review

This Allied Cash Advance review will look at one of the bigger companies in the payday loan industry and determine whether they are a company you should be doing business with or not.

When you don’t have the necessary funds to pay for life’s emergencies, it can be tempting to get a payday advance. They’ve made it such a simple and easy process that many individuals find themselves in a payday loan agreement thinking that an advance can help, but now facing additional financial struggle. Temporary cash is always expensive and payday loan companies try to milk it for all it’s worth.

Allied Cash Advance Review: Getting a Payday Advance

The amount of a payday loan varies from state to state and so do the rules on collection practices. In any instance you’ll need a bank account with a checkbook, and a driver’s license or other government-issued ID, and they will need to verify you social security number, either with your card or on previous tax forms or pay stubs. The loan application will ask for personal information and references so they can contact you for collections in case you don’t have the necessary funds to repay the loan.

Allied Cash Advance review

Some states keep your payday loan history on file to make sure that you don’t take out too many loans at once time. They put restrictions on the type of loan you can get and will prevent you from taking out more than they calculate you can pay back.

Financial Services
Allied Cash Advance offers more than just payday loan products. They also have title loans which puts your car up as collateral if you don’t pay back the loan. They also offer a instant refund anticipation loan around tax time.

Disclosure to Customers
Payday loans companies are required to keep all of your information confidential. They do not report to the major credit bureaus, and they must adhere to standards when they collect. They must disclose the financial information regarding your specific loan and its terms, such as is there a pre-payment penalty, what is the fee for a returned check, does the repayment have to be a cash transaction, and is a preparation fee charged. This policy for consumers is put into place by each state and aims to prevent customers from entering into agreements without knowing the conditions.

Superior Customer Service
We encourage you to go online or step into a store and decide for yourself whether they have excellent customer service or not. We did our own limited testing and found that they do have reasonable customer service. Phone calls were handled well and a trip to the local office showed a clean building and friendly staff.

Your Mindset is Key
Here are some of the reasons why Allied Cash thinks you’d need a loan, and the way a responsible person would handle the situation.

Your car breaks down. This is something you should expect a car to do, start building an emergency car maintenance fund immediately.

Tax season is coming up and you owe taxes. This is something that you saw coming up to a year ahead of time.

Your credit card payment is overdue. Likely the fees associated with your payday loan and the habit of re-loaning will match or outdo the charges on your card.

You went over your minutes on your cellphone. This is something that you can easily call your cell phone provider and ask them to bump up your plan for that month.

You need to avoid bouncing a check or two. This means you are living beyond your means. It’s time to re-organize your budget, stop overspending, and increase your income.

Traffic accident or an insurance deductible needs to be paid. You should have the proper insurance set up with deductibles you can afford.

Unexpected visit to the emergency room. You should have this covered under your health insurance because all visits to the emergency room are unexpected.

Everything under the sun has already been done and happened to others. There really are systems in place to handle all of life’s emergencies, and these companies profit from people not planning ahead and not understanding or coming to terms with the fact that life presents unexpected and unpredictable twists and turns and nearly all of them come with their share of extra money involved. It’s much easier to pay a little extra for insurance and coverage on things you think you might not need than it is to try and come up with a large lump sum in the middle of some hard times.

The problem with thinking the way Allied Cash Advance wants you to think is that you have a problem and you’re adding another problem. Your car broke down and now you’ve got your car fixed but now you need to pay back your payday loan. Payday comes around and you don’t have enough money left after paying your loan back so you re-borrow. Now the car problem that cost you $500 has cost you another $100 at least in fees, and more due next payday when again you won’t have the money to get through the two weeks after paying for your loan.

The fact is if you didn’t have the $500 now, you aren’t magically going to have it in two weeks. You’ll still need to eat and pay rent so you just keep taking the fees and re-loaning. Payday loans perpetuate the problem, not solve it. Allied Cash Advance Review Tip: If you start buying in to their way of thinking you’re in trouble.

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