Always Money Review

Always Money ReviewAlways Money says there is always a way, and they say that you can get your cash fast from them so that you can make it to your next payday. They say the process involves writing a personal check for the amount that’s due and then returning to their locations with the money so that you can pay that back.

They say that bad credit is not a problem, and we wouldn’t expect it to be a problem because most every payday lender does not check your credit, or use it as a determining factor for the loan. If payday lenders did check credit and baseball own decision off of the results, that would be very few people would be able to qualify for a loan because the reason they are seeking out a payday loans because they can’t get a loan from the bank.

They do point out that even though the loans themselves are for just a few weeks, many of the people that borrow from them end up borrowing for a period of a few months or more. This means that they were not able to solve their initial problem with the payday loan, and they need to take it out again so that they can make it today or following payday. This process repeats itself over and over and what has been the payday loan trap. It is not very common to see a lender mention this, so it is a bit refreshing to see that they are trying to give you a heads up as to how much this loan will actually cost you.

Always Money Review – No Online Application

Always Money only allows you to visit their store locations in order to take out a loan. They don’t have an online application, so they don’t have to worry whether they have a secure server or not, which they don’t. They do have a toll free telephone number that you can call to get any questions you may have answered. It is always nice when a lender has real world locations and a customer service number that you can call during regular business hours to get the information you need.

Many lenders will boast that they have been 24 /7 ability to take your application, and that they have customer service at all hours of the day, but most times this doesn’t really mean too much because someone will have to approve your application manually, and those customer service places that gold 24 hours a day usually are not very helpful. And just hey way to take your application over the phone.

Locations and Loan Types
You can search by zip code to find out whether there is an location near you, and they have 3 different states that they are doing business in, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina. They say that you can also get a title loan at some of their locations using ur car or truck, and even a boat or motorcycle to put down as collateral for a loan. These loans are usually the kind that have better rates because you are putting down collateral instead of just taking out a payday loan. And you get to keep the things that you put up as collateral, see you can continue to drive your car while you are paying back the loan.

Always an Answer
This is a unique loan if you live in the state of South Carolina, and it involves using the things you have in your home as a value towards collateral for a loan that can go up to $1500. For some this would be just the answer they need to get out of the financial jam that they are in without having to take out a traditional payday loan it doesn’t have any collateral and off and comes with high fees and interest.

Our Recommendation
Always Money would definitely make our short list of lenders that we would go to if we lived near one of their locations. It is always nice to go to an actual office and deal with real people rather than trusting a site that you just found on the internet. You can call their customer service number before you go so that you can get all your questions answered and know exactly what you should bring when you visit.

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