American Express Serve Review

American Express Serve ReviewAmerican Express Serve is a way to put an American Express card in your wallet or purse, even if you never thought you’d be able to before. That’s because it’s a reloadable card, like a prepaid debit card that Visa and MasterCard have had for years. Amex is getting into the act with their own card, and it comes with several touted benefits.

It’s not surprising that there is yet another prepaid card hitting the market, because there is a lot of money to be made in the industry. The battle over who will be the de facto card used by everyone is well underway. Eventually, maybe a few hundred years from now, one card will come out as the victor and everyone will just use that because it is accepted everywhere and provides the best features. Right now it’s a battle between Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, with Visa currently leading the pack doing over $10B in revenue in 2012, and holding 60% market share for debit cards.

Regardless of all of that, American Express prides itself as being the card of choice if you had to choose between the three, and it should be noted that their entry is a bit late in regards to debit cards, as the rush has been on for several years to get people to start using a specific card. Perhaps they were waiting to see the mistakes that the other cards were making so they could come by and try to fix what’s wrong with the debit card industry.

American Express Serve Review – Features

American Express Serve says that you can add money to the card for free from over 27,000 locations, and you can even take money out for free from over 14,000 locations. That’s a lot different than other cards that charge you a fee to add money, and another fee to take money out. It’s your money, you should be able to add it to the card and take it out without being hit with a bunch of fees. In that regard the Serve card really does seem like a better option that others.

$1 Monthly Fee
This has to be the card with the lowest monthly fee around, as we’ve seen our fair share of debit cards and we haven’t seen one with a fee this low. Set up direct deposit and you don’t get any fee whatsoever. Why do they have it set up this way? They know that if you are getting your paychecks directly deposited to the card that you’re going to be using it as your main form of payment. The more they can get you to use the card the more fees they can collect from merchants.

Online Account Access
Being able to view your balance and transactions online is a must-have feature these days, and your American Express Serve card comes equipped with the same type of user friendliness you get when you have an American Express credit card. They pride themselves on being a cut above the other cards, which is why an American Express card is so revered as being for a card for those with stellar credit and a higher income. With this card you can get the same sort of usability without a credit check or worrying about getting accepted.

They even have it set up so that you can pay your bills online, something that other prepaid cards might not offer. You’ll want to check the specific card you’re thinking about to see whether they offer online bill pay, and if they do whether they charge a fee for you to use it of if it’s free. With so many features we’re ready to give our recommendation.

Our Recommendation
American Express Serve is one of the better prepaid cards you can go with, and it offers a low monthly fee, the ability to have your monthly fee waived, and plenty of options for you to add money to your card as well as take money out. In many ways it seems superior to some of the most popular cards on the market, but always make sure to do a side by side comparison before deciding on the card that is right for you.

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