Apex Payday Loans Review

Apex Payday Loans ReviewThere are so many options for you to get a payday loan from, you might have even found Apex Payday Loans to be a possibility. There’s actually two sites sharing the same name, and offering different services. However, there’s really not much going on with these companies to make us feel like you should do business with either of them.

For starters, neither company seems to know how to keep a website updated. It’s the small details, such as changing over the year next to the copyright sign at the bottom of the site. One of them still has 2010 on it. The other site looks like it was created 10 years ago and hasn’t undergone a revision since.

Neither one gives any good feelings about how secure they are, although both claim to be. One site sends off red flags from your browser stating that their security certificate doesn’t match. The other says that they are secure, but there’s no way to be sure. Why mess around with these types of sites, when there are plenty of other payday lenders that look like they actually work?

Apex Payday Loans Review: Pick a Site

There are two sites with the same name, one on the .com and the other on .net. We’ll review them both for you here, because they both get the thumbs down from us.

They say that their online application process is secure, but it’s not. This is a major breach and should not be overlooked. We would recommend against filling out their online application. They are only one of a handful of lenders that we’ve discovered don’t provide a secure page for you to transmit your personal data on.

This is why we typically recommend going with a payday loan broker. This way you get to fill out just one application on a secure site, and have many lenders review your application and you end up getting paired with the one that makes the most sense as far as the rates and loan amounts. The alternative is dealing with lenders directly, but many of them have Mickey Mouse websites like the one that Apex Payday Loans has, and their main priority is not collecting your information. A broker has invested in getting a secure site to collect your application, because collecting applications is all they really do.

It says a lot for a payday lender when they can’t afford to have a decent looking website, and can’t afford to keep an encrypted page for the online application. Especially since they say you can’t apply by phone due to privacy concerns. We think it’s probably because they can’t afford to staff a dedicated phone line. There are plenty of other lenders that let you call in to a toll free number and get the process started over the phone.

Again, there’s just no pressing reason to go with Apex Payday Loans over another lender. They don’t offer any sort of feature that goes above and beyond the product you’ll get anywhere else.

We can’t determine whether or not this application form is secure either, because it uses a frame within the site. The address bar does not show https, so it is unlikely that the data you are sending is in fact secure. They say they are not a broker, but they sure act like one. They say they are a lender matching service, which is pretty much the same thing as being a broker. They will be collecting a finder’s fee for matching you up with a lender.

We would not go with them because they haven’t convinced us that their online application is actually secure, and they just don’t seem as well run as some of the other services out there. They say they guarantee results but then point out in the fine print that results are not guaranteed. What a joke.

Our Recommendation
Always check the address bar for https before giving your personal information, and your bank account numbers over the Internet. This is a basic requirement for being online, and any company that can’t get that part of the process right, doesn’t deserve your business.

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