Arizona Payday Loans

In the state of Arizona payday loans are legal. You generally get loans from financial institutions which are mostly companies. If you are dealing with a reputable company you will get a loan amount of $500. This is a legally settled limit so you are suggested to be cautious if any company offers you a loan amount more than this. These lenders are required to be licensed in order to work as a financial company dealing in Arizona payday loans.

The law also limits the rate of interest or the fees they can charge on the face value of the amount to 15%. You can borrow these Arizona payday loans for a minimum period of 5 days. The maximum numbers of days for which you may take the loan however are not mentioned any where. If you take a loan of $100 for a period of 14 days the finance charge on this will be $17.65 and the APR on this will be 459%. In addition to this, a lender may charge you $25 as a collection fee for non-sufficient funds on the day scheduled for the payment of the loan amount.

Arizona Payday Loans: Laws & Regulations

Any reputable Arizona payday loans lender is not allowed to enter with you in more than one service contract. Furthermore, you as a borrower can not have more than one outstanding Arizona payday loans at one time.

arizona payday loans

You can rollover your loan three times. To be precise the law allows you three extensions for your Arizona payday loans amount. This eases your burden in the event your payback date is due and you are still running short of cash. Rolling over would mean paying the fess again without paying the principal amount. The loan process renews again in a rollover. The law is both lender and borrower friendly as it wants the loan agreement to be reduced to writing. Lenders can not bring criminal action against you. But in case your checking account is closed you can not escape your liability. The Arizona payday loans agreement must specify your residential details and phone numbers, so it may be help the lenders also.

American First Financial Auto Title Loans

This Arizona payday loans company provides a wide arrangement of financial services from check cashing to payday loans and auto loans too. This lender claims to be locally owned and family owned business. They claim to be in money lending business for more than a decade. They are licensed with the State of Arizona’s State Banking Department to provide loans. They claim to be one of the most reputable auto loan lenders and so they have a big number of referrals. You can get cash available to you, if you are 18years of age and provide them with some basic information about you. You can get the cash either by visiting their branch office personally at Phoenix or applying online. Give them a call at 928- 600-5927 or visit their website at

Check Into Cash Advance Centers

This Arizona payday loans lender offers a wide arrangement of financial products and services. This includes wire transfer, paying bills, and loans services form personal to title and auto loans. They are in to check cashing also and provide payday loans as well. The procedure to apply for a payday loan is simple. They claim themselves to be your one stop money shop. They have been providing loan lending services since 1993.You can either visit their branch office at Phoenix or apply online. They provide you cash in a short span of time in your emergency. You just have to provide them with some very basic information about you. Give them a call at 602-268-0732 or visit their website at

If you’ve had a good or a bad experience with a specific Arizona payday loans company, please share it with the rest of us so we can all benefit from the information. Also, if you have any questions about Arizona payday loans, you can ask them here, and either one of our staff or another visitor will answer it the same day. You can also feel free to sound off on the cash advance industry itself, and say whether you feel payday loans are inherently good or evil. This will help provide a well-balanced discussion on Arizona payday loans.

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