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AvantCredit ReviewAvantCredit is a new way of getting the money you need without having to pay the ridiculously high fees assessed by payday lenders. A lot of lenders try to say they’re different, but with this company they are actually walking the walk and not just talking the talk.

It’s different, from the ground up because it’s not a payday loan, and not a bank loan, but falls somewhere in between. They know you’ve fallen on tough times, whereas a bank doesn’t care what sort of times you’re having, they just want you to have perfect credit in order to get a personal or signature loan. And they set the APR to what they see fit, without trying to be competitive.

By using a competitive APR it’s proof that Avant wants to set itself apart from banks. Letting you keep the money longer than two weeks separates it from payday lenders, and letting you make payments on the loan makes it different from a payday loan. You may find that this is exactly the type of loan you needed, and solves all of the problems that a payday loan presents.

AvantCredit Review – Not a Typical Lender

AvantCredit says that their goal is to help people, which is something you’ll often see a payday lender say, even though what they usually do is the opposite of Robin Hood. Here they say that they’re different because they offer flexibility in the form of personal loans as well as credit lines that are actually set at competitive rates in terms of APR. They say that they are actually going to help you get back to the way things were before you ran into financial difficulty, which is what a loan should do, rather than keep you trapped in a cycle of loaning again and again.

One thing that they offer is an application that is a bit different than most of the lenders you’ll find out there when filling out online payday loan apps. They say it’s tested thoroughly for security, and we noticed that their entire website is secure, not just the application, but their application specifically has Norton security in place so you are getting a tried and tested page that you can feel good about filling out.

Higher Loan Limits
One of the biggest things you’ll notice when you are applying is that you can get anywhere from $1000 to $20,000, which is a lot more than you can get from a payday lender. Since these loans are not going to be due back on your next payday, they are able to loan more to you as long as you meet the qualifications. Of course to loan the larger amounts you’re likely to need to pass a credit check. That’s one drawback to taking out larger sums and paying them off over time. With a payday loan you may not get your credit checked, but then again you are paying a ton for the money and only getting it for a short time.

Real People at Customer Service
AvantCredit has a phone number that you can call that actually has real people manning the phones. If you’re tired of reaching generic toll free numbers that send you into a virtual boiler room of payday loan application takers, you’ll appreciate getting an actual person on the other end of the phone that can actually answer questions and isn’t just trying to collect your information and trying to get you to agree to the terms.

Our Recommendation
AvantCredit definitely gets our recommendation, as they are making an earnest attempt at changing the way people get short term cash. When they say you are more than just a number, it seems more than just a cliche, and if you are in need of cash for whatever reason you owe it to yourself to see what they have to offer. Of course you’ll be able to look over the details of the loan and see if the numbers makes sense before you are locked into anything. It only makes sense to talk to one of their reps and see what they can do for you and if it jives with your situation.

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