Bad Credit Loans Review

Bad Credit Loans ReviewBad Credit Loans is perhaps one of the more straightforward lenders out there because they tell you that they are not a lender or a broker but in fact just take your information and pass on to lending companies.

Most try to make it seem like they are a matching service, or that they are a broker, or that they are adding value in some way to the application process. In actuality these are just companies that are trying to earn a finder’s fee for finding the lenders a new lead in the form of a borrower’s application. It is unclear whether they get paid only if you take out a loan with a lender, of if they collect a small fee just for a completed application.

They point out that if you can’t get approved for one of their personal loans, they will help you out by finding a lender that will approve you given your specific situation and circumstances. This appears to go above and beyond the normal actions taken by a website like this, and it’s nice to know that with just one application you can apply for a personal loan as well as alternative lending options in case you don’t qualify.

Bad Credit Loans Review

Bad Credit Loans is basically just a website, there is no physical office that you can go into and apply for a loan, they are just I’ll lead generation company that will like your information and pass it on to lenders so that you don’t have to enter your information at dozens of different lending websites. 1 bonus to this is that they will try to match up your loan with lenders that me too are interested in leading to borrowers with your specific information.

They say that it doesn’t matter if you have bad credit or not you can still be approved for a loan, and they also say that they will give you instant approval if possible. one thing we’ve noticed in this industry is that most payday sites like this will say they would can get you in Stanley approved but in reality it will take some time to get the final approval confirmed. Still it is a prettier streamlined process and you won’t have to wait too long to get your money.

Bad Credit Not an Issue
They like to say that bad credit is not an issue when applying for alone, this is pretty common in the pay day loan industry because if they made credit an issue they wouldn’t be able to do very many loans because it would reduce the number of borrowers to only those with good credit. However this is a personal loan and not a payday loan, and the rules are the different. When you take on a personal loan you’ll be making the payments over time, and that means the lender needs to see that you have a previous history of making payments on time so they know they will get their money.

Secure Application Page
Bad Credit Loans has a secure application, even though much of the site is not hosted on a secure server. When it comes to relaying your sensitive information they do provide you with the same level of online security as a financial website like a bank or credit union’s website.

So many other websites don’t provide a secure application, it’s mind boggling. This is very sensitive information like your contact information, your employment information, and your banking information. This is just what a scammer would need to take over your identity and try to make unauthorized transactions. Keep it safe by always checking to see that you are sending your information securely. The address should read https not http in the URL bar at the top of your browser. Most current browsers will also have additional indication that the address is secure.

Our Recommendation
Bad Credit Loans is getting our recommendation because they provide a secure server that you can use to apply for a loan from several different lenders that are willing to give personal loans to people with less than perfect credit. By filling out an application you can increase your chances of getting approved for a loan because several lenders will see the same information.

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