Big Payday Loans Review

Big Payday Loans ReviewAt first you might think that Big Payday Loans is an actual lender, but it’s not. They’re just a website that is ranking for the search term “big payday loans”. Most people that are searching for this phrase are looking for larger limit payday loans so that they don’t have to take out multiple loans to cover all of their expenses.

The first sign that something is up is that the writing on the site was obviously outsourced, so someone through this together rather quickly and is simply trying to get traffic from people searching for big payday loans. What’s interesting is that the more we looked at all of the fine print, the more we realized that this isn’t actually a site that will get you a loan, nor is it a site that will match you with real lenders.

These are the kind of sites your mother warned you about. They basically try to make themselves look like an actual lender, or even a matching service, when in actuality all they want you to do is fill out a form so they can get paid.

Big Payday Loans Review

They are not a direct lender, as is revealed in their terms and conditions. But on top of that they’re not really a matching service the way they say either. They’re basically just an affiliate for a matching service, and they likely collect an affiliate commission if you fill out their application and end up getting a loan from one of the lender. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not really a good idea to give your information to a site when you don’t know where that information is going.

So we did some digging, and the “application form” you’re actually filling out is part of the LeadPile system, which means you are simply a lead on not really an applicant for a payday loan. We would definitely avoid filling out the form, as you are not likely to get what you’re after here, and this is just a rouse to get you to submit the application. The website gets paid when you fill out the form, so it’s a bit misleading.

Any Big Loans Available?
Now that we’ve dispelled the myth about the Big Payday Loans website not being an actual payday loans website, is it possible to get big payday loans out there. Let’s say you need transmission work on your car and it’s going to be several thousand dollars. You need your car for work so you can’t not pay it. But payday loans will typically not be able to cover an amount that size because you need to be able to pay off the entire loan on your next payday, and most people don’t bring home enough money each month to pay off a loan of this size and have enough left to live on.

In this case a payday loan is not really the tool you should be using, even though it may be the only tool available to you. Even if you try to get multiple loans to cover the full amount you typically won’t be able to get more than $1200 or so in most states. That’s because states cap not only the total you’re allowed to take out per loan, but also the number of loans you can have out at any one time in that state.

Big Online Loans
You can get loans in the amounts of $2500 to $5000 but these are no longer payday loans because you won’t have to pay them back on your next payday. You’ll be able to make payments on them, either through installments, or you may only be required to pay interest on them until you pay the balance. Be sure to check out the terms and conditions before you agree to a loan like that, and run the numbers to see how much it’s really going to cost you.

Wrapping Up
OK, to recap: Don’t fill out the application on the Big Payday Loans website because it’s not what you think it is. Also, be leery of any company offering you large loan amounts and calling it a payday loan. Look instead for online loans you can pay off over time.

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