Blue Sky Payday Loan Reviews

Blue Sky Payday Loan ReviewsIf you’re looking for Blue Sky Payday Loan you probably have been having trouble finding their site. They seem to have gone out of business, and now they have a few companies trying to get some of the traffic from people searching for it.

They used to be a tribal lender, and it seems that they’re no longer offering loans. What will likely happen is you’ll end up at one of two sites, both of which will do their best to try to get you to fill out the application and try for a loan, but we don’t recommend going with either one. One is Sky Payday Loan, they don’t offer a secure application page. Another is a blog that is obviously trying to capitalize on searches for Blue Sky. But they don’t have an encrypted application either, and simply send referral traffic to e-Cash 1500.

It can be easy to start filling out these applications at unknown sites, especially if you’re under the impression that they’re Blue Sky. But you shouldn’t go through with it, because these aren’t legitimate sites and are basically using what amounts to trickery to try and get your information. There are plenty of legit sites out there that deserve your business and can truly help you get out of the jam you’re in.

Blue Sky Payday Loan Reviews: Are They Still Around?

Blue Sky Payday Loan is just one of hundreds of lenders that go out of business in this industry each year. It’s super competitive, and there are some established heavy hitters that control a lot of the market. That’s why you’ll see several companies go belly up because they just couldn’t compete. As a consumer, it might help to know why there is such a high turnover, because it will help you avoid doing business with a company that might not be here next month.

Show Me The Money!
The first reason is that a company needs to have sufficient amount of money available to loan out. If they aren’t able to keep up with the amount of borrowers they’re attracting, they’ll have trouble growing at a fast pace, and won’t make enough profit to justify the expense of doing business. Also, the product that is being sold is essentially the same, and consumers have their pick of which company they want to go with. If you’re not making the transactions as smooth as possible, people will go elsewhere.

Customer Service is Key
The other deal killer is how well they handle customer service. People are already in an down state of mind when they’re financially crunched and need a payday loan, so how you treat your customers makes a huge difference in how long you’ll stay in business. Get this wrong and there isn’t much of a chance in luring customers, and keeping them once you’ve got them. A lot of this business is getting repeat customers re-loaning again and again so you have to make them happy or close up shop.

The important thing to remember here is that by being selective with which payday lender you go with you’ll be able to have a great experience, and if you run into financial trouble again in the future you’ll have a pre-established lender that already has your account ready so the process is even easier. There are also lenders that have it set up so that you don’t have to pay your loan back right away, you can take your time and pay it off over multiple paydays.

So hopefully you didn’t have your heart set on getting a loan Blue Sky Payday Loan, because it’s just not going to happen. Luckily there are tons of places for you to get a loan, both online and offline. You can take your pick of which company you do business with, and should never feel like you’re obligated to go with one specific lender. You can even change things up if you don’t like the service you’re getting. They all have similar requirements and all will be happy to have you as a new customer, so check out our other reviews for a better option.

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homer wood March 9, 2014 at 8:13 pm

I applied for a payday loan from blue sky loans. was it approved?


homer wood March 9, 2014 at 8:17 pm

was my loan approved by blue sky?


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