Borrow Source Review

Borrow Source ReviewBorrow Source says that if you apply with them they’ll contact you within the hour. They also say that you can get up to $1500 which is higher than you can get at most local payday lenders. So are they worth giving a try?

Overall, we’d have to say no. The first thing we didn’t like was that their application form is not secure. It’s just a regular site, and doesn’t have SSL encryption. This is easy enough to spot because it says http and not https in the address bar. You might think that this is something very complicated or expensive for a website to have, but it’s a simple addition they could make by asking their hosting company to upgrade their account. That’s why it’s very confusing when we see a lender that doesn’t have it in place.

Why is this so important? With identify theft on the rise, why would you want to submit all of your personal data, plus all of your banking details over an insecure site? The answer is you wouldn’t want to do that because you just don’t know where the information is ending up. By adding a simple layer of security they would be able to guarantee that only the people within their organization are getting the data. As it stands, they can’t guarantee that.

Borrow Source Review

OK, so moving on from that major glitch, the next thing you’ll see is that they don’t offer a shred of customer service information, so if you want to talk to a real person or get an answer on a specific question, sorry, you’re out of luck. There’s simply no way to reach them, not even an email address. This is a huge red flag, and creates major doubt that there is actually a business behind this site, and it’s not just some two-bit affiliate that put up a website in hopes of acquiring leads for actual lenders. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it should be stated somewhere that you’re not a direct lender.

Not in a Bubble
Unfortunately for Borrow Source they are not lending in a bubble. There are so many other lenders that are brining their A game that you don’t have to bother with sites like these that are basically empty shells. If you stumbled upon this site and were wondering if it’s worth going with the answer is that’s it’s not, even though it might look like all of the other sites you’ve been to.

Money Is Money
When you are trying to borrow money the product is the same no matter who you go with, it all spends the same, and in most instances the fees will be roughly the same. So it’s not as if you’re going to get a better product by going with one lender over another. That’s why it’s essential for a lender to provide the right environment to do business in. This involves a secure server – easy to get and cheap as well – and some sort of customer service. We’ve seen lenders that have a regular phone number, not even toll free, and that have regular business hours, not 24 hours a day. It isn’t much, but in this case it’s better than nothing.

We always give a lender the benefit of the doubt and let them prove us wrong. In this case it didn’t take long for us to determine that there isn’t much going on here that makes it a legitimate company to do business with. If you’ve had a different experience than ours, please feel free to chime in below, but with the lack of positive feedback on this site we’re pretty confident it’s best to avoid it.

Our Recommendation
Borrow Source is getting the no-go from us, because there isn’t any specific reason as to why you’d go with them over the dozens, literally hundreds, of other possibilities you have. You’ll want to go with a company that has things in order, that has a secure website for your personal details, and that has a customer service rep or two that can ask any question or deal with problems if they should occur. Without that in place there is simply nothing that they are bringing to the table.

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