Bottom Dollar Payday Loan Reviews

Bottom Dollar Payday Loan reviewsBottom Dollar Payday is just one of hundreds, potentially thousands of online payday loan companies promising fast cash with nothing put up as collateral. Like most places they do require you to show some form of regular money coming in, either through a job, government benefits, or self-employed income. However, they try to separate themselves from the pack by giving you a fast response, and getting the money into your account faster than other companies.

Bottom Dollar Payday Loan: Worth It?

They say you can get a quick and easy cash advance deposited into your account in 1 hr by paying an additional fee. This would appeal only to those that are in the most dire of straights because you are already paying a ridiculous amount on the money, so unless thugs are threatening to break your kneecaps in one hour’s time, it’s best just to let them take a few extra hours to process it normally.

Confusing Claims and Contractions
There are a few contradictions found at their site. First, they say that you will get an approval decision within five minutes. But later they say that you first have to apply, and sign all of your documents, and then one of their customer service reps will either call or email you to complete the process. This sounds like a long and drawn out process that won’t be wrapped up within 5 minutes. They also repeatedly talk about money being released to your account within an hour, but they only mention the additional fee for this service once, and they also quietly mention that your bank will have it’s own policy regarding the availability of the funds, so you might be paying for funds you can’t access in an hour because of your bank’s policies.

They also say that they don’t check your credit, and you don’t have to fax anything in, so it is unclear how they confirm the details of your loan application when they call or email you.

Who Are They, Really?
Just about anybody can put up a website these days and call themselves an online lender, and there isn’t much here showing that they have a real presence anywhere. Sure, they have a toll free phone line, but anyone with a $50 a month can get one of those. They have a live chat feature and an email address for questions, but again, that is easy enough to set up. There’s just not much here that gives us the idea that they are legit.

Consumer Alert by State of Washington
They are not licensed to conduct payday loans in the state of Washington, as reported by the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions:

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) is warning consumers to verify the license of any lender with whom they consider doing business with.

DFI has received complaints from consumers who reported they obtained an online payday loan from Bottom Dollar Payday Loan Services, LLC a/k/a PDL Services LLC or International Equities Group, LLC d/b/a Paradise Cash Advance. The consumers alleged that after receiving a payday loan the terms regarding fees and interest changed and that when contacted regarding repayment the callers were inappropriate and threatened the consumers with legal action.

These entities have been associated with the following address: Hunkins Waterfront Plaza, Ste 556, Charlestown, Nevis,West Indies; web address: and email address:

Suffice it to say that if they are not licensed to do business in one state, they likely are not licensed in other states as well, and with an address in the West Indies, it’s very suspicious that they are just an off shore company that will resort to whatever tactics they see fit to bilk consumers out of even more of their hard earned and sparse cash. Remember, not all states have payday loan laws, so bravo to Washington for alerting its citizens.

Our Recommendation
Quality payday loan lenders have to jump through a lot of hoops in order to stay legit and provide their service. They may all be sharks or predatory lenders, but the best of them actually do try to treat their customers with dignity and follow all of the rules. When you stumble upon a company like Bottom Dollar Payday, that seems to be doing things against the grain, it’s always best to avoid them and go with more reputable lenders.

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