Cardpool Review

Cardpool ReviewCardpool is an online market place where you can cell gift card that you did not want and get up to 92% cash back and have your card shop to them for free using the United States Postal Service. You can even said it up so that you sell your card electronically so that you don’t even have to mail anything in.

Gift cards can be great to receive because you are able to buy the things you want from the stores that you love. But what happens when you have your heart set on something that is from a different store, or you could just plain out use the cash.? In these instances you may prefer to take a little less cash in exchange for your gift card so that you can spend it how you want to and where you want to.

It could also be used in a financial emergency to pay for things that a gift card just can’t pay for. Like if you have a $100 gift card but you also have 100 dollars in car repairs that need to be made. You can’t use your gift card at the auto repair shop, but they do take cash. In this case you would want to use a service like this one instead of using a payday loan because then you won’t have to pay but crazy fees that payday lenders charge, you can simply take less money for your gift card and come out on top.

Cardpool Review: Sell Your Gift Card?

Cardpool is capitalize thing on the reason trends in selling gift card for less in there worth to get the cash from them. Some people just don’t want to buy products with viet discard receive from birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays. Hey brother have to cash that they can spend however they wish. They would rather have a cast of taking spend however they wish. In order to make this happen there needs to be something in it for the buyer.

This means that they are not going to give you $100 for a $100 gift card. They will want to get a deal, and in order for that to happen the person that is selling a gift card will have to accept less than the face value of a gift card. So you might sell a $100 gift card for $90 and the person that buys your card is getting a discount while you are getting the cash that you want instead of the merchandise. It is a win win situation that benefits everyone. Even Cardpool gets a small piece of the action, which is how they make their money.

How It Works
Cardpool makes it so that it is easy to find a buyer for your gift card, and also get the most money as possible for the gift card that you have. You simply list which store the gift card is good at, and how much it is worth. You then also let them know how much you are willing to accept for your card they will send you a check within one business day of receiving your gift card. This makes it an alternative to a payday loan if you have some gift cards laying around and haven’t used yet, you can get cash to pay your immediate expenses without having to go into debt. We always recommend anything other than a payday loan to meet your financial needs.

Our Recommendation
Cardpool gets our recommendation because they have a fast turnaround time and can get you a good price for your gift card quickly. You’ll want to go with a website that has lots of visitors so that you don’t wait several days or weeks to find a buyer for your card. You want to sell your card quickly and get the money fast so that you can use it how you see fit. There are several different options out there when it comes to selling your gift card. Be sure that you check out a few of them before you make your final decision so that you are guaranteed a good price and so that you don’t feel bad after the transaction is over.

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