Cash Advance Now Review

Cash Advance Now ReviewCash Advance Now lists the advantages of a payday loan as the following: a fast pre-approval, your money is deposited the same day, they don’t check your credit with a credit bureau, and it’s all safe, secure, and confidential.

Keep in mind that all of this is subject to their terms and conditions, so there’s no way to know whether the money will actually be deposited in your account the same day or not, you’d have to check the stipulations and see whether or not you meet the qualifications. You likely have to get your application in by a certain time and it has to be a weekday, etc. What we see here is that they do have times that you need to submit your application by, in this case it is before 3:30pm M-F.

What is most interesting is that they’ll charge you an additional $15 wire fee charge if you submit your app during these times so that you can get your money sent the same day. You may want to check your bank’s processing regulations because it would be sad to pay extra for this same day service if they aren’t going to release your funds to you the same day. Some banks put a hold on funds, and have their own cutoff times when it comes to transactions. If they send the money after your bank’s cutoff time you wouldn’t be able to access them even if they technically sent the money the same day.

Cash Advance Now Review – Some Differences

Cash Advance Now needs to understand that there aren’t a lot of advantages to getting a cash advance, at least from the borrower’s point of view. What they should have stated was that these are the advantages of going with them for your payday advance. Basically there isn’t any advantage to taking out a cash advance, it’s just going to cost you in the end, so they should have phrased this differently.

There are a few differences between this lender and others you might have seen. They are a direct lender, so they will be the ones making the deposit into your account, and you’ll be paying them back directly. This can come in handy if you need to take the money out again, you don’t need to go through the entire application process again. Also, they are Native American owned, so they will have their own set of rules in place regarding how much to lend, at what rates, and how to collect the money if you don’t pay.

Secure Site
Cash Advance Now does have a secure website, even on the first page which is good because they have the start of the application process on the first page where they’re asking for your name and other contact details in order to move forward. They definitely understand the importance of keeping the site secure, especially since they’re asking you for pretty sensitive information. You wouldn’t believe how many payday sites out there don’t bother to encrypt their application and still expect people to enter in their banking and employment details online.

$500 Limit for First Timers
If you need more than $500 you’d best look elsewhere because that’s the limit for first time borrowers. It’s a bit odd that they would put this limit in place, as many borrowers would need more than this, and lots of competing lenders will offer $1000 or more. But it is understandable that they want to develop a relationship with you, and they want to make sure that you pay back the loan on the due date before loaning you more money.

Our Recommendation
Cash Advance Now is a Native American owned business which means they won’t be paying federal or state taxes, and they won’t be subject to federal laws that are put in place in regards to lending practices, and collection practices. Their website is secure and they seem to have all their ducks in a row, but be sure to look at their fees and see how much you’ll be paying to lend the money because these businesses often have higher fees and interest than others out there.

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