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Our Cash Advance Reviews squad uncovered this post that talks about comparing cash advance reviews before going with any payday lender. In theory, it’s a good idea, and this article gives a solid grounding on what to expect if it’s your first time around the block. Of course you should keep in mind that any cash advance reviews you read could be written by a shill of the payday loan companies so take it all with a grain of salt.

Cash Advance Reviews: The Basics

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Compare online cash advance loans before applying for one is strongly recommended for consumers in search of finding the best interest rate on payday cash advances. All lenders will not all provide you the same rate and it is important to do a little do diligence and read reviews before applying for a cash advance. A little preliminary research can save you a lot of money down the road and this article will try to give you an unbiased opinion on where to find the best online payday lenders as well as things to watch for before applying for a cash advance.

There are several online payday lenders who will loan you anywhere from $100 – $1,500 as long as you meet a few initial conditions. They are as follows:

– You currently have a job or a steady source of income
– You are at least 18 years old
– You are a United States citizen
– You have an active checking/ savings account

If you meet these initial conditions then you should be qualified to get a payday loan online. I would strongly encourage you to find a website that is affiliated with several payday lenders as opposed to going directly to a lender’s website. When you compare online cash advance loans it is clear that these multiple lender sites have consistently offered consumers a lower rate. Multiple lender sites use a lending tree business model and make several payday lenders compete over your business which in turn establishes a true market rate for the consumer. You are selling yourself short if you do not go to a multiple lender site when applying for a cash advance.

When you are applying for a payday loan most websites will make you fill out a pre qualification form in which you will be required to provide the following information. Most online payday lenders will require that you provide your personal contact information, your employment information, your banking information including account and routing numbers, and sometimes a couple of references of people who know you. After you apply for a cash advance you will then see what lender will be able to provide you the best rate. Typically a lender will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss terms and deposit your requested funds.

Multiple lender sites compare online cash advance loans for you and provide a true market rate for your payday cash advance. Most of these sites are free and I would strongly encourage you to take this avenue should you decide to apply for a cash advance online. While there are a few reputable sites out there I have found the website listed below to be the most convenient to work with and will guarantee the lowest rate on your short term payday loan.

For a payday cash advance loan lender who has consistently provided low rates check out this link:

Legitimate Cash Advance Lenders
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Cash Advance Reviews: Our Reaction

So as you can see this person is obviously promoting a website for a payday loan company. This does not necessarily mean that what you read in the article is mumbo jumbo, it just means that it was written with an agenda in mind. The article itself provided basic information but neglected to mention that in almost every case getting a payday loan is a bad idea.

While it is necessary to read as many cash advance reviews as you can prior to getting one, you should stop to consider whether you need one at all. Only after you have exhausted all possible sources of emergency funding should you consider looking at cash advance reviews. Think of family members or friends and borrow only the amount that you need to prevent yourself from overdraft fees from the bank. Don’t be afraid to go back to the same person in a few weeks and ask again. It’s better than paying fees and looking at cash advance reviews.

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