Cash and Go Payday Loans Reviews

Cash and Go Payday LoansCash and go is a subsidiary of First Cash Cash Advance and has physical locations in the state of Texas. It will therefore abide by the Texas payday loan laws and regulations. There are a few features that seem to separate them from other lenders we’ve reviewed in Texas, so let’s see if this is a good company to use for your cash needs.

They say that a payday loan can help you avoid overdraft fees, but after our overdraft fee vs. payday loan analysis that’s debatable. Be sure that you’re really in need of a payday loan before going through with the transaction. In some cases it helps, but in many cases it leads to prolonging your current crisis.

One feature that’s nice is that they say they keep your transaction 100% confidential. This is good to know since a lot of lenders don’t bring up the issue of confidentiality. You don’t really want it broadcast that you need a payday loan, and you don’t want your personal details or banking information to fall into the wrong hands. You’re already down on your luck and the last thing you need is someone to kick you while you’re down. But scammers know that when you’re desperate for money your judgment won’t be as sound and you might be more apt to give up information that they can use.

Cash and Go Payday Loans Reviews

For Cash and Go locations in the state of Texas you won’t actually be getting the money directly from Cash and Go. They say that your loan will be funded through a third party, and that they will only be facilitating things. It’s nice that you’ll be able to walk out of their offices with cash in hand, which is one perk of going in person. Cash is king and you’ll immediately be able to start smoothing things over and getting back to normal.

Check Cashing Services
They also offer check cashing which can come in handy if your checking account is overdrawn and you don’t want to deposit your check into it because you need the money for other things. A good alternative to check cashing if your bank account is a mess is to get a prepaid debit card and direct deposit your check to that. This lets you circumvent your bank account for the time being, and also allows you to avoid check cashing fees.

Money Orders and Wire Transfers
They say that at many of their locations you can get a wire transfer or a money order, which further shows that they are trying to offer several different financial services when you are experiencing a tough time financially. Money orders are helpful when paying bills so that you don’t have to use your checkbook. A wire transfer can be a fast way to pay bills or send money to someone that is requesting it. It’s always nice to see a lender tries to offer additional services other than anyone so that you don’t have to make more than one stop.

The Little Things
When dealing with a payday lender it’s always good to do business with one that makes the application process easy, and they also claim to have a clean and comfortable environment. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve ever gone with a lender that doesn’t provide this sort of environment you’ll know that it’s a pretty big detail. Since loan rates are determined by the state, you’re going to get the same money for the same rate at most of the lenders, so it comes down to the fine details, and how well they pay attention to them.

Final Verdict
Even though this isn’t a direct lender in the state of Texas, you’re still likely to get a good experience when doing business with Cash and Go. The parent company behind it has a long history of providing loans to individuals in need, and by offering several different services in one place, they are doing their best to earn your business. Of course everyone will have their own impression of how well they do, so it’s good to check them out and see for yourself if they’re the right lender for you.

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