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Cash Corner ReviewCash Corner has been popping up as a way to find a lender that you can go with for a payday loan when you need it most. But can they really shorten the amount of time it takes to get paired up with a lender, or are they just going to slow things down?

Time is of the essence when your back is against the wall financially and you just need a few hundred dollars to get out of a sticky situation. That’s why it’s good to have a go-to payday lender that you can relay on when times are tough, and one that won’t give you a hard time about it when you need the money. If you haven’t found a lender like that, don’t give up, because they are out there and they can make it so you don’t stress out next time this happens.

When trying to find a loan there are basically two routes you can take. You can apply to each direct lender individually until one accepts your application, or you can submit one application and have that sent out to a bunch of different lenders in the hopes that one of them will accept you. If you’re in a hurry the best way to go is to use a matching service, and that’s what we have here.

Cash Corner Review – A Lending Network

Cash Corner bills themselves as a lending network. This means that your loan application is going to get sent to a network of lenders and in essence the best ones suited to the type of loan you need should be put in touch with you. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Good matching services will do this, but others will just blast your information and sell it to the highest bidder. Or worse, they might just send them your contact information and you’ll be inundated with offers from a bunch of lenders. It’s not clear what kind of network Cash Corner is running.

What is clear is that they are not an actual lender, they will not making any decisions regarding your loan, and are merely facilitating the process of collection your information and putting in the hands of the right parties. They are not a third party that will mediate or arbitrate in the event of a disagreement between you and the lender, and once they’ve put the two of you in touch they basically wash their hands of the matter and are out of the transaction. That’s why you don’t have to worry to much about whether Cash Corner is reputable or not, because there’s only so many ways you can screw up this part of the process and it looks like they are doing just fine.

Safe and Secure
The entire Cash Corner website is encrypted and secure, so you don’t have to worry about submitting your information, as the only ones that should receive it are Cash Corner employees and the lenders that you are applying to. So many wannabe matching service will not have a secure site and expect you to enter your personal information as well as detailed banking account numbers over an insecure connection. That’s just crazy!

What’s Needed
You need to have been at your job a minimum of 4 weeks. This is the shortest time that will show some stability and prove to the lender that you will indeed be able to pay back the loan at the time of your due date. They also want you to make at least $750 a month, which will be the lowest amount they can loan to you and it insures that you’re not just wasting their time. You also need to provide valid contact information so they can reach you if you don’t pay them back. These companies just want their money back, plus the fee. That’s really all you are to them.

Our Recommendation
In the world of payday loan matching services you could do worse than go with Cash Corner. They’ve got all their ducks in a row and are ready to help you get paired up with a lender. In all likelihood they will be able to save you some time and hassle from going about the process on your own.

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