Cash Genie Review

Cash Genie ReviewCash Genie says their process can be broken down into three easy steps. First you apply online, then you get your decision, and then you get your cash. It pretty much is that simple, but if you’ve had trouble getting loans online before you know how frustrating it can be when things don’t go so smoothly.

So we’re here to help size them up and see if they are worth applying with, or if you time would better be served at other lenders that can make the process go better. When you get to their site for the first time you might not notice, but it’s actually encrypted, the same as all other sites are that have your personal information, like Facebook, and email services. This is a nice feeling knowing that right from the start you are on a secure page, so you don’t have to worry about providing your bank information or personal details.

So they’ve passed this first basic test, and you’d be surprised how many lender sites out there don’t take this step and expect you to give your banking details over an ordinary page. We’ve had to give the thumbs down to several “lenders” because they just couldn’t handle the basics. If you don’t focus on the fundamentals, how can you expect to be able to handle the bigger steps down the road?

Cash Genie Review – For UK Residents

Cash Genie is available to UK residents, so it needs to be competitive with other lenders that you could go to in person if they want to have a chance at earning your business. Keep in mind though that you won’t have to drive to a location, or take public transportation into town in order to get a loan. This means that you’ll be saving time and money by not having to leave the house in order to get a loan. This means that it would be worth your while to pay slightly higher fees and rates and still be making out better than you would if you went to an offline lender. We’ve found that their rates are very straightforward, and very transparent because they show you exactly how much you’ll be paying in regards to an APR.

Reasons for Lending
They give some possible reasons for why you might take out a payday loan, and they also go into detail about why you might not want to take out a loan. They point out that it’s not for long term use, and will not actually help you out of a long-term jam, but rather make the problem worse. This is helpful for those that are new to the payday loan game, and need to know what they are getting mixed up in before they sign their first agreement.

Customer Service
You can reach them through email or by telephone, whichever you choose. This means that you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have before you lend the money, and also contact someone if you have a situation occur after borrowing the money. Be sure you meet their requirements so that you don’t have any lag time between applying and being accepted.

Honest Example
The example they provide really helps someone figure out if it’s worth paying the fees for money like this. They say that if you take out 200 quid and pay back 260 28 days later it would amount to an APR of 2986%. Most people would be startled by such a high APR and the reason it is so high is because you’re not taking the money out for a long time. By having to pay it back so early you are really jacking up that percentage. Also bear in mind that if you keep taking the money out again and again, you’re causing that virtual APR to skyrocket, since it is essentially the same money being borrowed.

Our Recommendation
Cash Genie is doing everything in their power to be an online lender you can trust. They have a secure site and they have customer service in place to handle and problems that might surface. They are very clear about how much the money will cost you and whether this is something you should do or not.

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