Cash in a Flash Payday Loan Reviews

Cash in a Flash Payday Loan ReviewsCash in a Flash barely passes as a website, it’s almost laughable. You should definitely not take out a loan from them, or give them any of your personal information. There’s no telling where it might end up, and no verification that anyone has ever successfully gotten a loan from them.

These days it doesn’t take much for just about anyone with the gumption to start a website. In fact, many people outsource the work and then try to capitalize on the site as the owner. But when it comes to lending people money when they’re in the middle of a financial crisis, you should put more effort and look like you’re actually trying to do a legitimate business. In the case of the Cash in a Flash site, there are so many things wrong with it, you have to wonder if they are serious or not.

Cash in a Flash Payday Loan Reviews

You might think that you’re in a financial jam, but you should never feel like you need to go with a certain lender. The product is always the same: money, and so you’re getting the same thing no matter which one you go with. The money still spends the same. That’s when little things go a long way, and why you should only go with a lender that pays attention to those little things in an effort to win you over.

The other reason that you want to be specific with who you give your information to is that your information is valuable, even if you don’t think so. These companies just want leads, and lots of them. So you have to make sure that you only give your information to companies that you’d want to hear from in the future, because if you apply for a loan and don’t take them up on their offer, you better believe they will continue to pursue you in order to get their profit.

Insecure Application
They don’t properly encrypt their application. They have a little lock symbol that puts a pop up window that says the site is secure, meanwhile the address bar reads http and not https so there’s no real way to tell how secure your personal information is. It’s not very expensive for a website owner to add this to a site, so this is a big red flag and reason enough to go with a different company. Think about it: your Google searches and your Facebook page are all on secure servers. Shouldn’t your loan application also be on one?

Signs of Quality
When you’re trying to go with an online lender, it’s subtle clues that will tell you if they are worthy of your business. In this instance, the homepage of Cash in a Flash has glaring grammatical mistakes and reads like they outsourced the content overseas. Almost every sentence on their site has a mistake of some sort. This is the kind of lack of attention to detail that really makes you cringe when you think about giving them your bank account information and hoping that everything will be OK.

Higher Income
One thing you’ll probably notice pretty quickly is that you need to have an income of $1000 or more per month. This is a little higher than what is usually necessary, as most lenders look for at least $800 coming in each month. While this may end up getting you higher maximums of how much you can take out, it might also make a lot of people that don’t make that much ineligible to receive a loan.

Our Recommendation
We would advise seeking out a different lender. There are so many out there that you basically have the pick of the litter, and since you’re going to get a raw deal anyway, you might as well get it from a place that has their ducks in a row and seems to be making a valid effort. With the questionable security on their application, their total disregard of the English language, and the fact that they obviously didn’t invest much time or thought into the look and ease of use of their website, they don’t earn your business.

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