Review says it can provide safe and secure payday loans and they’re not a direct lender so you won’t be getting your money from the same place that you apply for the loan. They are a matching service that takes your application and finds a lender that meets your specific criteria.

This site and service is owned and operated by a Native American tribe, so it is essentially a sovereign nation operating within the borders of the United States, and is not subject to the same laws that other payday lenders are. This is one important consideration because it effects how much of a loan they’re able to give out, the rates they’re able to charge, and how they’re able to collect on a loan, three big important factors in the loan process. Review – What You Need to Know

The first thing we always recommend when checking out a potential lender online is whether or not they have a secure site. After all, you’re going to be providing both your personal data, and your banking data, not to mention your work information. That is basically all someone needs for the purpose of stealing your identity, so it’s imperative to keep it confidential. We’ve noticed that the homepage is not encrypted, and that’s fine, we just wouldn’t recommend filling in the form that you see on their homepage. But if you click through to the application page you’ll see that it is encrypted and is safe to transmit your information. It’s normal for a site to encrypt certain pages, like application pages, but not the rest of the site.

Is It Non-Profit?
Because they are using a .org extension, you might think that this is a non-profit or other organization, but in actuality any entity can register a .org domain name, not just non-profits. In this case is a for profit company, and you should look upon them with the same view as any other payday lender out there. They just happen to have a domain name that seems like it’s friendlier than a .com or a .net.

Education Center
We like that they provide an education center to help borrowers understand different credit instruments, and whether or not a cash advance is right for them. They have information to help all sorts of borrowers, including college students and those wondering if it’s better to take cash out on their credit card or use a payday advance or other loan instead. The information they provide is actually pretty helpful, and it shows that they’re willing to go that extra step, something that many of their competitors don’t bother to do.

Misleading Statements
They do say that you can “move your finances forward with a cash advance” and that’s a bit of a misstatement. Taking out a cash advance does not move you forward in any way, and actually piles more debt onto your plate. It’s basically a way of taking your immediate problem and deferring it to your next payday. The problem will still be there waiting for you two weeks or a month later, so the best it can be looked at is taking two steps back so you can take a step forward. This is the kind of rhetoric used at many cash advance lenders to try to convince people that payday loans are a good idea. Things like “beat the bills” and “make time your time” only serve to confuse the borrower because a payday loan is a bill in itself, and it only buys you a very small amount of time, and charges you heavily for that borrowed time.

Our Recommendation
Overall, does a great job of informing borrowers of their different options, and providing an easy to use site to get the process started if you choose to. Keep in mind that they are a tribal lender, which means that they won’t be subjected to the federal and state laws that are in place regarding loan limits and rate caps. They also won’t be required to abide by federally enforced collection laws. They also don’t have to pay state or federal taxes on their earnings. These are things that some borrowers like to know before signing on with a company.

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