CashMojo Review

CashMojo ReviewCashMojo makes the promise that you can get money into your account overnight, and even says it works like magic. There’s nothing magical about borrowing money and paying back more than you borrowed. A loan very seldom solves problems, and very often leads to more financial trouble going forward. So break the spell and go in with a clear head when looking to borrow cash quickly.

They say they are interesting in helping you find the right financial solution, so take them up on their offer and see if they can help.

They say you’re just 7 minutes away from cash, because they’ve calculated that it just takes 7 minutes to fill out their application. Obviously there’s no way they can get you cash the moment you’re done with the application, so what they’re basically saying is that the hard part is over once you finish the app, and then it becomes a waiting game until your funds are sent over and released. It’s not a good idea to make a promise like this because it’s all resting on the bank and when they actually release the funds. So while your application may be done in 7 minutes, and even if they get you approved fast and submit payment, it may take several hours or even the weekend if it’s not banking hours.

CashMojo Review – A Network of Lenders

CashMojo represents what they call a network of lenders, and we’re not sure how big this network is, and how they found these lenders. It’s unclear whether these lenders have been screened or not, or what the requirements were for making it into this network. We also don’t know if these lenders have all the same requirements of if they represent many different levels of loans, like higher dollar loan amounts, personal loans, payday loans, etc. of they all just do payday loans with the same basic requirements and structure.

Can’t Pay Your Loan on Time?
They provide the answer to what happens if you’re unable to make your payment, which basically consists of getting in touch with the lender that lent to you and seeing if you can work out some sort of repayment plan. Cash Mojo won’t be able to tell you anything specific because they won’t be the ones sending you the money, so they really don’t care if you pay it off on time or not. Once you complete the application you shouldn’t expect too much from Cash Mojo, as their only care is collecting the info and passing that on to the lenders. So it’s best not to think of them as anything more than the site that is putting you in touch with the next site.

They aren’t going to play the middleman when it comes to any disputes you might have, or if you are late on a payment. They aren’t going to have a relationship with the lender other than being the site that sends in new leads. There’s no partnership between the lenders and Cash Mojo other than the agreement to compensate them for any leads they send over.

Secure and Safe?
CashMojo says that they provide a secure and safe site for you to transmit your information over. Since this information includes you banking and employment details, it’s vitally important that they be sent over a secure connection. As it turns out they’re right, they are providing a secure server to host the application and the entire website so you don’t have to worry about a third party collecting your information and using it for identity theft.

Our Recommendation
CashMojo is what’s known as a matching service, even though you’re never quire sure how much matching is really going on. What you can count on is that if you apply to them your application will be seen by more than one lender so you have a bigger chance of getting the money you need than you would if you just applied at one lender and were left at the mercy of their standards and requirements. You cast a bigger net with a service like this which can save time and effort from filling out applications one by one for each lender you apply to.

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