CashStand Review

CashStand ReviewCashStand is a provider of payday loans and other financial services typically offered by traditional lending companies. Serving customers throughout California and Texas, the company claims to offer a reliable range of financial solutions particularly cash advances, auto equity loans, and debit cards.

We’ve collected some useful insights on the services offered by CashStand. Should you rely on the company’s offerings? Read along to find out.

CashStand Review

CashStand’s cash advance service is touted to be among those that have the lowest prices. Customers who wish to avail of it will have to fill up an online form. The online form can only be accessed once a preliminary form that asks for a customer’s name, email address, and phone number is completed. This preliminary form does not need accurate details, though.

You can proceed to the actual online application form without inputting your real name and contacts on the previous form. The online application form page actually redirects to a new site ( that is encrypted. This is a welcome redirection since the company puts some effort in not making customers share delicate information about them over an unsecure webpage.

CashStand Auto Equity Loans
Requiring a vehicle as collateral, CashStand can extend a loan of up to $20,000. The vehicle has to be fully paid or about to be fully paid for an applicant to qualify for a loan. To apply, there are three steps involved. First, you have to complete a short online form to send basic customer information and initiate the application process. Upon receipt of the customer information and application, the company will directly call you to discuss the succeeding procedures and other pertinent details. After this, all you have to do is to wait for the loan approval and get the loan.

The company will inspect the vehicle made as collateral after the application is approved. This is a convenient setup but you have to make sure that your vehicle does not have defects to be certain that you can really get your loan. Remember that even when your loan was already approved, the company may refuse giving the money after finding issues in the car used as collateral.

CashStand claims to have some of the most affordable loans online. In an effort to convince customers, the company even promises to lower their rates further if you can find another payday loan company that offers better rates.

The typical annual percentage rates for the company’s 14-day and 13-day loans are 391.07% and 182.50% respectively. The fees charged are as follows:

Amount of Loan Finance Charge/Fee
$50.00 $7.50
$100.00 $15.00
$150.00 $22.50
$200.00 $30.00
$255.00 $38.25

CashStand is licensed by the Department of Corporations and complies with the California Deposit Transaction Law. Hence, it guarantees that customers cannot be threatened or prosecuted due to a returned check issued in relation to a deferred deposit transaction. However, $15 will be charged for a check or ACH returned to the company unpaid after check deposit or ACH withdrawal.

CashStand Locations
CashStand has its headquarters in 8509 Roseda Blvd Northridge, California. The company primarily serves the California and Texas areas. Conveniently, the company’s website features an office or store locator to make it easy finding a nearby CashStand outlet. The locator facility also features a quick map of the location being searched.

Customer Service
You can say that CashStand isn’t just some fly-by-night store because it unhesitatingly presents all its contact details. Both telephone and online contacts can be easily reached. The company has physical locations. Also, the way the company conducts the loan application and approval process is quite reassuring. They are willing to directly discuss matters with customers. They don’t try concealing themselves behind email correspondence.

Our Recommendation
Some four years after its founding, CashStand has expanded its network into over 600 outlets and storefronts in different parts of the United States. The range of services offered has also expanded to include debit card activations, electronic bill payments, and check cashing. This kind of success can somehow offer a guarantee of CashStand’s reliability. Moreover, almost everything you need to know about the services offered can be found on the company’s website. It’s also easy to contact the company if you need to clarify something.

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