Are There Low Cost Payday Loans?

Are There Low Cost Payday Loans?

Many would-be borrowers stop to wonder if there are any low cost payday loans out there. Is it worth the quest, or should you simply accept that there’s no way around paying the high fees typically associated with payday lending. The short answer is that no matter how you cut it, all payday loans are […]

Can We Get Joint Payday Loans?

Can We Get Joint Payday Loans?

Many people wonder if they can get joint payday loans, either to get a higher loan amount, or because they’re not employed themselves and want to use someone else’s paycheck in order to secure the funds. Unfortunately a payday loan is an individual debt taken on by one person, and it’s not possible to get […]

Are All Payday Loans Unsecured Payday Loans?

Unsecured Payday Loans

By its very definition a payday loan is an unsecured payday loan. If you have to put up collateral it’s technically not a payday loan. Your job is your collateral. Your paycheck is your collateral. That’s why payday lenders say they’re high risk lenders, because nothing tangible is backing the loan. If you get fired, […]

Can I Get Multiple Payday Loans?

Can I get multiple payday loans?

Wondering if you can get multiple payday loans at one time? It varies by the state you’re in, but in most cases you should be able to take out more than one at once. This situation can often occur when the limit you’re given isn’t enough, or when you take out less than you needed […]

Payday Loans by Indian Tribes

Payday Loans by Indian Tribes

Getting a payday loan from Indian Tribes is becoming more and more of a likelihood as several of these lenders have popped up in recent years. They expressly state on their sites that they are sovereign nations working within the United States, which leads many to wonder if there are any benefits or drawbacks to […]

Should Payday Loans Be Outlawed or Regulated?

Should Payday Loans Be Outlawed or Regulated

This is a funny question because most people are split on whether they think payday loans should be outlawed or regulated. Some view it as a type of Big Brother control over adults making adult decisions, while others feel that there needs to be some form of consumer protection. Payday lenders try to make the […]

How Much Are Payday Loan Fees?

How much are payday loan fees?

A lot of people wonder how much are payday loan fees, either because they heard they are astronomical, or because they want to know if it’s worth getting or not. Payday loan fees might not sound high when you first hear what they are, but when you do the calculations they can be a bit […]

Are Payday Loans Usury?

Are payday loans usury?

There is a lot of debating around the question of whether payday loans are usury or not. If you go by the definition of what usury means, charging abusive or excessive interest rates, it seems pretty cut and dry that they are. But payday lenders say that they need their rates to be that high […]

Any Payday Loans Up to $2500 or $5000?

Payday Loans Up to $2500 or $5000

If you’re looking for payday loans up to $2500 or $5000 you won’t have much luck at many conventional payday lenders. That’s because the average American doesn’t make the sort of money that would allow them to pay that much back in a two week period. What you’re more likely looking for is what’s called […]

Are Payday Loans a Bad Idea?

Are payday loans a bad idea?

A lot of people wonder if payday loans are a bad idea or a good idea. It really all depends on how you use them, and if you follow through with your strategy if you have one. In some instances they’re a good idea, but these are so rare that most times they …

Are Payday Loans Secured Loans?

Are payday loans secured loans?

The reason people seek out payday loans is because they don’t really have anything to put up as collateral, or they already have their things tied up by other lenders. For example, there are car title loans, but if you’ve already got a car payment, or already have a lien on your car, you …

When Do Payday Loans Have to Be Paid Back?

When do payday loans have to be paid back?

When you take out a payday loan one of the most often asked questions is when do payday loans have to be paid back? In most instances a payday loan is due back on your next payday, hence the name. There are a few instances where this is not the case, though. Payday lenders …

How Do Payday Loans Collect?

How do payday loans collect?

If you’re wondeing how do payday loans collect, you’re either late on paying them back, or you’re looking into the future and seeing that you won’t be able to repay it. Either way, it can cause some stress wondering how they’re going to try to get their money back. A lot of it …

Why Are Payday Loans So Popular?

Why are payday loans so popular?

When you start seeing payday loan places all over your town, and go online and see advertisements for them everywhere, you might wonder: why are payday loans so popular? If you’ve never had the need to take one out, you should consider yourself lucky. However, you are actually in the majority though, as only 5 […]

Can Payday Loans Garnish Wages?

Can payday loans garnish wages?

Legal Notice: I am not a lawyer, and this article is in no way a form of legal advice. I am a former employee of a major, nationwide payday lender and I am writing from my experience about how we pursued those that didn’t pay. If you’ve had someone garnish wages before, you know it’s […]

Best Payday Loans for Self-Employed Individuals

Best Payday Loans for the Self-Employed?

If you’re self-employed you might not think that you can get a payday loan, since you don’t necessarily receive a paycheck. But in many instances you may still qualify for a loan, you will simply need to provide different documentation than those that have a typical job. Being self-employed can be hard, and if you […]

Why Do Payday Loans Exist?

Why Do Payday Loans Exist?

With everyone saying how bad they are, it’s easy to wonder why do payday loans exist? Or a better question, might be: why do they still exist? Since some states outlaw them entirely, and other states are lobbying heavily against them, it might not be long before they don’t exist at all. Payday loans …

Are Payday Loans Moral and Ethical?

Are payday loans moral and ethical?

When asking whether payday loans are moral and ethical, you’re probably wondering how the CEOs of these companies can sleep at night. How can they have a clear concience when they’re living like fat cats by taking money from people that are in desperate financial need? This is a glaring case of the …

Are Payday Loans Risky?

Are payday loans risky?

Many people ask us are payday loans risky, and we think they mean that by taking out a payday loan, are you running the risk of even further financial disaster. The answer is that yes, you are taking a risk when you take out a payday loan, but perhaps not the one you might …

How Does a Payday Loan Affect My Credit?

How does a payday loan affect my credit?

You may be wondering if a payday loan will affect your credit, whether you pay it off or not. Most lenders don’t report your good payment history to the three major credit bureaus, although some do. If you don’t pay your loan off, most of the major payday lenders will not report you …