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Check ReviewIf you want up to $1000 by tomorrow Check may be just what you’re looking for. Many lenders claim to be able to get you this amount, and the date is always set as tomorrow for how fast they can get it to you. How is it possible to determine which lender to go with when they all look the same on the surface?

It can be a bit confusing when you first arrive at the site because they offer several different services. They are assuming that if you are cashing a check you might also be in the market for a payday loan and other financial services. Those that need to cash a check may not have a bank account, and therefore may need to load up a prepaid card, or maybe they’re overdrawn at the bank which is why they’re cashing the check, and a payday loan would make sense to get out of the hole.

But when you click the apply button you are taken to an application with little explanation as to what exactly it is you’re applying for. Other than the promise of up to $1000 by tomorrow you don’t know who is going to give you a loan, or how fast you’re going to get approved. This is not the ideal situation when you’re talking about something like money. You’ll want to know exactly who you’re giving your information, and what will happen to that information once you submit it. Will you be bombarded with spam and phone calls, or does it go to a selected lender?

Check Review – Service Offered

Check has several services that they offer, each of which related to the finance industry. They can show you where you can cash a check, and where you can get a money order near you. This can be of use when you need to find one of these places in a hurry, but you could also simply search for it from your favorite search engine. They say they have other services, like where you can transfer money, or where you can currency exchanged, or where you can get something notarized, or add money to a prepaid card, but there isn’t anything on those pages, so perhaps they are thinking of expanding into those areas.

Directory of Check Cashing Places
One of the services they provide is a directory of places that will cash your check, which comes in handy when you have a check to cash but don’t know where to go. This is a pretty exhaustive list, and if you are in an area that you normally aren’t in, you may be able to use this to find a check cashing place quickly. It’s the name of the site so it only makes sense that they would have this service available.

Payday Loans Too
Check doesn’t just tell you where you can cash a check, they have an application that you can fill out, which is not actually their application, since they are not a lender. The application itself is hosted by something called and is processed by something called Payday 101, likely a payday loan affiliate program that pays them for each person they refer for a payday loan.

This is a classic example of spreading yourself too thin, and they have simply added on payday loans to their check cashing location finder as a way to expand their business. But there’s something to be said for doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else, and in this case there are tons of matching services out there where matching you up with a payday loan is their only form of business.

Our Recommendation
Check would not be our first choice if you’re looking to get matched up with a payday lender. There are matching services out there that will do a better job of actually matching you up with a lender instead of just taking your information and passing it through some affiliate program. We do like that they are offering what their name says, and it would be a good place to find a check cashing place, but not a good place to fill out an application for a payday loan.

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