Check City Reviews

Check City ReviewsIf you’re looking to see whether Check City is a good company to get a payday loan, or an online loan, it appears that they’re doing a lot of things right, and making most people relatively happy.

What sets Check City apart from many of the other online lenders you’ll see out there is that they have physical locations staffed with real people that you could walk into if you lived near one. Even if you don’t live near one they offer online loans and may be able to service you that way. It’s easy enough to call or chat with them to see what they can do for you, and also see if a loan is even necessary, since they have other ways for you to get some cash.

They’re also a direct lender, which means that when they collect your information they will be reviewing it themselves and making the determination on whether to lend to you or not. This is in sharp contrast to those sites out there that simply want to collect your loan application and then farm it out to dozens or even hundreds of lenders. They’re not the middle man, they’ll be the ones that actually lend you the money.

Check City Reviews

It’s not every day that you find a company like this one, that has real world offices but also offers online loans and is a direct lender. This is the best of both worlds because if you live near one of their offices you can go in if you want to, and if you’d rather do things online you can do it that way. This gives you a lot of control, and also gives you some confidence that this isn’t just a fly by night lender.

Live Customer Service
Check City offers a live chat service that actually has people manning it. This might not sound like a big deal, but there are so many lenders out there that have very restricted customer service hours, and many only have a toll free phone number that you can call. Being open and available to take your calls and chats is pretty impressive, but they also have a lot of helpful information on their website, and you can tell that they’re in business for the long run, and not just filling their site with a bunch of fluff.

Other Services Offered
If you live near one of their local offices you can take advantage of their other services, which includes buying gold and silver, doing auto title loans, installment loans, cashing checks and more. It’s nice to see that they have other options available to you that could be less costly over the long run, and gets you thinking of other ways to get out of this jam, without paying a ton to borrow the money. Many loan providers are one trick ponies, and they will only offer payday loans that are due back on your next payday, and will offer no other viable options.

Gold Buying as an Option
You can even mail your gold in if you don’t live near one of their offices. You mail them gold or other precious metals, and they either send you a check or issue a direct deposit. If you don’t like how much they give you, you simply request your item back and it costs you nothing. It also doesn’t cost you anything to ship it because they send you a prepaid mailer. This could be a way to avoid taking out a loan, and using the assets you have on hand to bail you out of a bad situation, saving you cash, fees, and the anguish of watching your money go up in smoke.

This is one of the few lenders out there that we’re giving a Thumbs Up to. They have courteous and friendly customer service, they have a long list of financial products you can use, and they’ve got a real world presence that you hardly see any more. When you combine that with the positive reviews they’ve gotten from previous customers, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll have a good experience with them, even if you’re down on your luck or having a financial crisis.

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