Checkmate Payday Loans Review

Checkmate Payday Loans ReviewCheckmate is a cash checking and payday loan service company that promises you get the money you need when you need it. You can either go to one of their stores, or get funded online.

They also offer a service that is pretty unique, allowing you to cash in used or unwanted gift cards for money that you can use any way you see fit. This is just another way for you to get your hands on some quick money and potentially avoid having to take the fees that come with payday loans.

If you need to get your check cashed, and you don’t want to use your bank account you can also use their check cashing service. This allows you to avoid the high fees that come with cashing your check at a local convenience store.

Checkmate Payday Loans Review and Rating

You have to give them credit for offering more than just pay day loans. Most lenders just want to charge you the most a possibly can, and only offer one tool for that purpose. That’s why you’ll notice that most lenders are a one trick pony and only have payday loans available as the solution for getting out of a financial crisis. It’s nice when you see a lender that has check cashing services because they are trying to help you avoid using your bank account.

Check Cashing
If your bank account gets screwed up it can create a domino effect, causing other bills not to be paid, and causing fees to rack up at the bank. This often makes your financial situation even worse, in the bank will make sure they are paid first when your direct deposit comes through. That’s why banks are so eager to get you set up with direct deposit because they know they will be paid their overdraft fees before anything else. It’s so hard to stop your direct deposit from happening, and usually it will go through before you can stop it.

That’s why if you can find a reliable check cashing service that doesn’t charge very much to cash your check, it can help you avoid the fees are associated with a bank account. There are plenty of prepaid debit cards available these days that make it so you don’t really even need a checking account, and you can avoid those pesky NFS fees.

Payday Loan Service
The Checkmate payday loan services available is pretty similar to other payday loans you can get, the only difference is that if you are not near a branch you can use what they call the Checkmate Express which lets you conduct the loan online.

So Many Options
What’s most impressive is that you can get all sorts of financial help from Checkmate. They have title loans, which let you put your car up for collateral getting you better rates manually wise wood with a payday loan. They also offer installment loans if you qualify, which would let you break up your repayment period into several payments so that you don’t have to pay it all back all at once.

They also trying to be your one-stop shop for all things financial. They let you transfer money, and they also will buy your gold for cash, and they can help you set up a prepaid debit card so you really don’t need a bank anymore. You’ll have to run the numbers, but for many people all the fees they charge are going to be less than an NSF fees that they get from the bank, without the stress of worrying if something’s going to bounce or not. It’s up to you to decide if this is a viable option.

Our Recommendation
We generally recommend going with a lender that has so many different loan options for you, and even offers ways for you to avoid having to take out a loan. If you find enough gift cards lying around your home, you might not even need to take out a payday loan if your crisis only is requiring you to take out $100 or so. That’s huge, and not something that you would normally see from a payday lender.

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