Christian Payday Loans Reviews

Christian Payday Loans ReviewsFinding Christian payday loans can be tough, and most of the time it’s not going to insure that you get a better deal on your payday loan, but it might make you feel better that you’re borrowing from a company with similar beliefs to your own.

When it comes to getting a payday loan, it does seem that some lenders can seem pretty evil, or perhaps the whole industry is a sin because of the high rates they charge, and the way they capitalize on human suffering and hardship. When you’re in a financial crisis it can seem like everyone is out to get you, and you might feel like you’re being tested by God to learn a lesson. You might find yourself praying directly to Jesus to help you find a way out of this.

The Bible says that love of money is the root of all evil, but others say that the lack of money is the root of evil because it makes people do all sorts of evil things. So if you find yourself in a situation where your only option is a payday loan, you might feel like you are playing with the Devil here, and doing something that is against the ways of the Lord. God definitely wants us to prosper, and Joel Osteen quotes several passages of the Bible that proves this very point, so being in financial straights is not what God intended.

Our Christian Payday Loans Reviews

The reviews we’ve been getting in on Christian payday loans are showing that they operate just like any other lender, they just happen to be of the Christian faith, or at least claim to be. You always have to consider that they may just do this as a ploy to get more business since there are over 2 billion Christians in the world. If you belong to a church and the church has its own credit union you might want to sit down with one of their advisers to see if they can point you in the right direction as far as how to get things under control.

Rates Are State Regulated
You might think that a Christian payday loans provider would offer fellow Christians better rates than those from a company that is publicly traded on the stock market. It’s unlikely that they would be running their business as a nonprofit corporation, although if they wanted to they could, but we were unable to find any that are. A church-based credit union might be able to provide loans to you, but remember that they are still going to need to verify your credit worthiness, so if you’ve been having trouble getting approved they might not be able to help.

Collecting Their Money
You might also think that a lender will be more lenient with you if you run into more financial trouble and can’t pay your loan back on time. But regardless of their faith business owners are still going to want to make a profit, and they only way they do that is if they get the money back that they lend out, plus the fees and interest agreed upon. Unfortunately there’s just no way to get any leniency when it comes to owing money to a business, so you just have to go with a company that is following state and federal collection laws and consumer protection regulations.

Not Worth the Time and Effort
After a long evaluation and search for Christian payday loans that make sense, we’ve concluded that you’re better off going with a well-established payday lender that has a track record of friendly customer service and provides competitive rates and terms. Also, consider sitting down with a minister or other religious official to sort out your financial situation. They usually will have the name of a faith-based financial adviser that can help you make the most out of your money while still keeping in line with God, Jesus, and the teachings of the church.

The churches definitely want you to prosper financially because they want you to tithe 10% of your earnings, so they are usually willing to help guide you on the path of financial stability.

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