Citizens Savings and Loan Review

Citizens Savings and Loan ReviewCitizens Savings and Loan says that they were have been in business since 1917, and that they serve the loan needs of the working class people. They say that they specialize in getting loans for those that have bad credit, so they should be able to help pretty much anyone in need.

They say that lending money is their only business, which is different than other companies that might lend money but also have other investments that they make in addition to letting people borrow their money.

You can never judge a book by its cover, and you won’t want to judge this company by their website. Even though it doesn’t look very impressive, there is actually a company behind it. The application is hosted on a secure server, so there is some technological savvy behind this. You should definitely check out where their locations are so that you know whether or not you’ll be able to apply for one of their loans. They serve the Tennessee area, so their ability to loan is going to be limited to certain geographical locations.

Citizens Savings and Loan Review – Many Loan Types

Citizens Savings and Loan offers several types of loans, including bill consolidation loans, car loans, personal loans, and even loans that will help you establish or re-establish your credit. That makes them a really handy lender to have in your corner because as you grow they can grow with you. If you want to take all of your loans and get them under one loan, it would be recommended to take out one of their bill consolidation loans. If you’re looking to get a better rate for your auto loan, you should check out what they have to offer in that regard.

A personal loan is always going to be a better choice than a payday loan because you’ll be able to pay that off over time, in monthly installments. A payday loan is always due back on your next payday, including all fees and interest. When you are trying to get a loan it can be hard because you have bad credit, but they are willing to give you loans in order to prove your creditworthiness, so that it gets easier and easier to take out a loan from a traditional lender.

Resources Offered
They offer plenty of resources so that you can be better informed about your lending options, and make better choices as you go along. They provide information on buying a car, and how to get it financed, as well as understanding how to use credit cards, and which ones to avoid. They also offer information on mortgages, as well as the protection that are in place for consumers in the United States. In addition to that they also give you information on how to keep your finances in order and manage your credit so that you don’t get into trouble with it. They also offer plenty of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, so no matter where you live you can use this to get solid information that you just simply won’t get from other lending companies.

Smaller Can Be Better
It’s always best to go with a smaller sized company like this rather than a large nationwide lender because it will be easier to do business with them as they understand the local economy, and you’ll have an actual brick and mortar location that you can go to talk to someone rather than conducting all of your business online. It is convenient to be able to start the process online, and under perfect circumstances you shouldn’t have to visit any of their real world branches, it is just nice to know that they exist, and that this is not just an Internet-only business that might not be here next month.

Our Recommendation
Citizens Savings and Loan is a good place to start if you’re looking for cash and don’t have very good credit. They’re primarily based in the Tennessee area, so you’ll want to double check to see if they can offer you a loan or not. The process is started online, so you can fill out the application if you want, and a representative from their site will tell you whether or not they are able to lend to you. When it comes to payday lenders or going with a company like this, you should always start with a company that has your interest in mind rather than a company that is just after a fast buck.

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