Clicky Loans Review

Clicky Loans ReviewClicky Loans says they can get you between $100 and $1000, and that the process can happen very quickly, from the application, to the approval, to getting the money in your account. We’ve seen these kind of claims before, so it’s always interesting to see what separates this company from all the others promising to give you cash.

There is really only so much a payday loan company can do to make themselves better than the rest, since money is money and it all spends the same, and many times the rates lenders charge will be set by the state laws and regulations. Of course there are online lenders out there that don’t follow these rules, and are able to lend larger amounts, and charge whatever fees they deem fit.

So really it all boils down to speed, and reliability. You want to go with a lender that you know can provide the funds to you quickly, and will be there for you in the future if you need to use their services again. In this case you’re not dealing directly with the lender, but are giving your information to a matching service which promises to match you up with a lender that is willing to lend to you based on your criteria.

Clicky Loans Review – What They Do

Clicky Loans is basically in the business of collecting your personal and financial information so that they can present it to lenders that will make the final decision as to whether they want to give you a loan or not. They say they take all types of credit ratings, so you shouldn’t worry if your credit is good enough to take out a loan or not. This is good news for those that may have gotten rejected from the bank already, and are looking for a small amount of cash in a short amount of time.

100% Secure
Clicky Loans boasts that they are 100% secure, and it actually checks out. They have their application page sitting on a secure server, so you don’t have to worry about a third party coming along and accessing your data. This is very important when you consider that identity theft is a growing problem, and you are giving these companies your personal and financial information in order to be approved to receive cash. With the data you are submitting, a nefarious company would be able to completely take over your identity, so its good to be very discerning about providing it.

Contradictory Information
There’s a bit of contradictory information presented at their website, and that’s because they show on one page that you can be approved in two minutes, but on another page they say that they will have to review your application. They also say that they are not a direct lender, so there’s no way they can make a two minute decision on your application when they’re not the ones that are going to be giving you the money. They are going to have to wait until they hear from the actual lender, and that lender will likely take longer than 2 minutes to make that decision. This is a promise that is often made in the payday loan industry, but rarely have we seen it work out where people are approved in just a few minutes. It might be that you get pre-approved quickly, but until someone sits down and run the numbers and looks at your application, you won’t be approved fully.

A Matching Company
Clicky Loans is a matching company, so you won’t be getting your money directly from them, which means after you submit your application you’ll be talking with the lender, and they are just a third party that collected your data and earned a finder’s fee for referring you to the actual lender. Some people like using matching services, others like dealing directly with the lender, it’s really a personal choice since it doesn’t cost you anything to use a matching service since the lender is the one that pays the fee.

Our Recommendation
Clicky Loans is getting our recommendation because they are one of the few matching services out there that provides a nice user interface and a secure server so that you can submit your data without worrying who is going to receive it. Maybe you won’t be approved as fast as they say you will, but it is still worth going with them over some of the other companies out there that don’t have their ducks in a row.

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