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In the case of Colorado payday loans it is legal to get a cash advance on your paycheck. There are very specific regulations regarding the payday advance industry. Lenders may charge 20% on the first $300 that they loan to you, and they can charge 7.5% on every amount that is larger than $300. The most that a Colorado payday loans lender can loan to you is $500. The longest that they’ll be able to let you hold the money is forty days.

Colorado is a unique state in that you are able to roll your loan over one time. This means that it is possible to just pay the fee on the principal Colorado payday loans balance, while keeping the money for an extra period of time. In most states rollovers are not permitted and you have to come into the store with the full amount of the loan, plus the fees.

Colorado Payday Loans: Laws & Regulations

The finance charge that is charged on a $100 loan is $20. The APR on this loan example would be a whopping 520% if you get it for 14 days. You can only have one loan out in the entire state of Colorado so the most you can owe a Colorado payday loans lender in Colorado is $500. In some states you can be in debt $1200 to payday advance companies.

colorado payday loans

They can only charge you one insufficient funds fee if they deposit your check and it bounces. That fee can not be higher than $25 and can only be charged once. They can also charge for attorney’s fees but these can not be higher than the amount of the loan.

EZ Money Payday Loans

This Colorado payday loans company provides loans that you can sign for in a few different states including Colorado payday loans. They offer loans through their EZPAWN stores as well. They say that they have associates that are friendly and that will assist you in getting the money you’re in need of. They provide respectful service in a professional and comfortable environment. They want your payday loan experience to be one that you remember and think of them for all of your future needs. You can call them at 800-873-7296 x280 or visit

Payday Now Loans

This Colorado payday loans provider offers fast, confidential, and easy cash advances if you can’t wait until your next payday. They only ask that you write them a personal check, and they’ll let you have the money on the spot. They have several locations that are conveniently located in Colorado. They only require some basic information for you to get started. You’ll need to bring some photo identification, your most current bank account statement, and your last paycheck stub from your employer. With all of that with you, you’ll have no trouble getting your cash right then and there.

The Colorado payday loans company itself was established over 15 years ago as an alternative to more traditional ways of borrowing money. They feature strong values and ethics as their core beliefs. They say that this has helped them become one of the more successful lenders in the state of Colorado. One of their customers in particular said that they were thankful for Payday Now Loans because they avoided paying the large NSF fee that their bank would have charged them. Call them at 720-570-3550 or visit

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