Delta Payday Loans Review

Delta Payday Loans ReviewDelta Payday Loans says they can get you $1500 or more and keep the entire process online with a 100% secure application. We’ve seen these kinds of claims before in this industry, so it’s always helpful to go a little deeper to see what they really offer, rather than just accepting them at their word.

We always look for added value, “is this company providing something to the would-be borrower, or are they simply getting in the way?” Examples of providing value would be to explain about payday loans, why you’d need one, and why you wouldn’t, and lay out some possible alternatives. Another example would be matching a borrower with a lender that is willing to lend to them based on their individual criteria, saving the borrower from having to full out several applications and getting rejected each time because they don’t qualify.

But Delta Payday provides none of that, and is an example of the type of website that litters the industry, causing confusion for borrowers looking for a loan. All they do is get in the way and create a layer between the lenders you need and the money you want.

Delta Payday Loans Review

Delta Payday Loans is not a lender, they say so in their disclaimer. They are simply trying to gather your contact information, as well as your banking and employment information so that they can forward this on to a direct lender. This is what is known as a “matching service” but there isn’t any real matching going on.

There are plenty of matching services out there that we recommend. A common feature that these services have is that they have a toll free number that is staffed by real representatives from the company. They also have an encrypted webpage so that the information you provide on the application is transmitted securely. They also have answers to questions that are actually important. But Delta Payday Loans doesn’t provide this, which is why they really have no business being in business, and why you should avoid their “service”.

What They Say: 100% Secure Application
They say that their application is 100% secure, but we found no sign of this actually being the case. After you submit your first and last name on their insecure homepage, and select the amount of the loan you’re looking for, they take you to a secondary page that is also not encrypted.

Here’s our major beef: It’s one thing to not provide a secure website to conduct business on, but it’s quite another to say that you do, but then don’t. Why lie? Simply don’t make the claim that you have a 100% secure site when it’s pretty obvious that you don’t. In order to transmit the kind of data they are asking for, you’d want to be sure that you’re on an address that starts with https, not simply http. This is a very easy upgrade to do from a webmaster’s standpoint, and it shows that they really aren’t serious about making this a real, viable business and are just in it for the short term and quick cash.

Toll Free Number
They provide you with a toll free number 800-530-7000, which is not the number for Delta Payday Loans, but rather some automated system that tries to get you to apply for a loan over the phone. This number is provided while you are attempting to fill out the online application. We have seen several sites like this use a similar number, and each time it strikes us as extremely irresponsible. The number they show you is intended to seem like you are contacting their customer service, when in fact they don’t even have a customer service department to speak of, and there is nothing at the site that leads us to believe this company is anything bigger than a guy working from his mother’s basement.

Our Recommendation
Delta Payday Loans is not really providing much value to the user, and only acts as an unnecessary extra step in your search for a payday loan. We don’t recommend filling their application because it is not hosted securely, and there’s no guarantee what will be done with your information once you send it.

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