Direct Money Loans Review

Direct Money Loans ReviewDirect Money Loans says they have the cash when you need it, and they offer personal loans and bad credit loans as well as auto loans.

They want you to start off by letting them know how much money you need, anywhere from $100 to $3000 and more. once you let them know that they take you to a secure application page that has a lot of promises at the top. These promises include that it doesn’t matter if you have poor credit, or bad credit, you can get loans up to $25,000 with a quick approval process, and these would be unsecured longer term loans.

So really this is not like a payday loan it is an installment loan with higher loan limits and you’re able to pay off the loan over time instead of all at once just a few weeks later. The information they require is the same as you would expect from a payday loan including your personal contact information, your employment information, and they also want you to estimate your credit score so that they can figure out which lenders are available to you.

And one thing we do you like about them as they provide a Frequently Asked Questions page that does a good job of covering all of the different questions one might have when they are thinking about taking out a loan like this. They also have different ways to get ahold of name including a toll free number that allows you to do your loan over the phone. They also have a mailing address so you can send them correspondence, but we are not seeing an email address that allows you to send them questions over email.

Direct Money Loans Review

Direct Money Loans is different than a payday loan lender because they want to offer you a personal loan like you’d get from the bank if you had really good credit. Personal loans beat out payday loans and basically every title gory imaginable. First you are getting higher loan amounts so you’re able to take care of bigger problems.

You’re also given a longer amount of time to pay back the loan so you can use the money for a longer period of time before you have to worry about paying it back. Another great quality is that you do not end up paying super high interest on the loan the way you do with payday loans. So basically if you have the opportunity to take out a personal loan rather than a payday loan you should take that opportunity.

One thing to keep in mind is that you might not be getting the same sort of rate you’d get from a bank if your credit is not very good. However, compared to a payday loan you should still be doing much better with an installment loan. It’s really hard to get an apples to apples comparison when talking about payday loans vs. bank loans vs personal loans from a lender like this.

Domain Name
It is important to point out that Direct Money Loans is doing business through a domain name called ebadcreditpersonal and this is the address that shows up for the entire site. It’s their DBA so it’s all confirmed and checks out.

We did notice that there how it works page is not really and how it works page but rather takes you to there Terms of Use, which is nice, but it would also be nice to know how the process works rather than being taken through the different terms of use of the Site. on that note they also provide a rather extensive privacy policy that shows you exactly how your information is used and keeps everything transparent.

Our Recommendation
Direct Money Loans is a good place to start if you have not been able to find a loan that suits your needs. They appear to want to help you find a loan that can meet your needs because they offer loans are different than payday loans, allowing you to pay the loan back over time and take out larger dollar amounts so that you can take care of bigger financial problems.

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