Direct Payday Lenders Review

Direct Payday Lenders ReviewDirect Payday Lenders say that they accept everyone, and that they have a short three minute form to fill out in order for you to borrow up to $1,000. We’ve seen this sort of statement before, and pretty much every lender out there is going to make a similar promise. So let’s see if this one is any different than the others you might have experienced.

Direct Payday Lenders Review

They say they have fast approvals and its just a three step process in order to get your money. First they say that you apply online with their free application, then they say you get instant approval right on your screen after you hit the submit button. They say this happens in a matter of seconds. The third step involves getting your money, and this happens by wiring it directly into your bank account. Most of the time lenders will say they have a three step process, and fast approval, but be sure to check the fine print to see what the actual process is going to be like.

Credit Doesn’t Matter
They point out that it doesn’t matter whether your credit is good, bad, or if you don’t have any credit established yet, they accept all three situations. You will find that when you enter the world of payday lenders they really don’t care too much about whether you have good credit or not. This is because they know you’re getting a payday loan because you can’t get a bank loan likely due to your credit situation. If they turn down people based on their credit they wouldn’t be able to do much business at all. So if you’ve been turned down by another lender, it probably wasn’t due to your credit rating, but rather that you didn’t make enough income in order to qualify for the loan they had.

3 Minute Application?
The 3 minute application is another feature that they show on their site as being a major benefit of going with them. How long it takes you to fill out the application is really up to you because if you have all the information you need available, you can enter it right then. But if you need to go find the information before you can enter it in, it might take longer. Basically what they’re saying is they aren’t going to bombard you with page after page of application questions, and you should be able to complete it in a reasonable amount of time.

A Note on Instant Approval
Getting instant feedback on whether or not you’ve been approved is a big plus, but something that doesn’t really happen all too often. You might be pre-qualified, and that could take just a few seconds, but someone is going to have to approve you for the loan, and that isn’t going to be done by an algorithm or a robot. It may turn out that you get pre-qualified, but then later find out that you are not in fact qualified.

A lot of the times a lender will tell you that things are going to happen quickly, because they know that in your state of duress you are looking for the money as fast as humanly possible. This is a good time to take an inventory of your emotions, and calm yourself down because you are already taking action towards the problem, and it doesn’t matter if it takes 3 minutes or 30 minutes, you just need to get things situated.

Our Recommendation
Contrary to the name of the site Direct Payday Lenders is not a direct payday lender, and they are not a broker either, they are basically just a matching service that puts your information in the hands of lenders that could be willing to lend to you. It’s quite misleading that they would call themselves Direct Payday Lenders, when in fact they are not a direct lender or a lender of any kind. The other thing that you want to take note of is that even though they have a .org domain name, they are not a non-profit organization and they are trying to make a profit simply by collecting your information and passing it along to lenders.

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