Dirt Cheap Payday Loans Review

Dirt Cheap Payday Loans ReviewIt’s a bit of a misnomer to call these Dirt Cheap Payday Loans when they’re not any cheaper than any other payday loans you can find. That’s the first wacky thing we noticed with this “company”, but it didn’t stop there.

After reviewing hundreds of payday lenders and payday matching services we’ve learned a thing or two about what to expect. This site does a good job of making an initial first impression, but it soon stumbles and then flat out posts phony baloney information which makes us wince.

From a consumer standpoint there are far too many payday matching services that you can go with, and you don’t need to waste your time with them. There is absolutely no evidence that you’ll be able to get a loan using their service, and it says something big about a company when they post fake information. They are the Manti Te Ľo of payday lending services, with imaginary offices across the country.

We can honestly say that this is the most bizarre site that we’ve seen. Other sites don’t have as nice a design as this one, but at least they don’t go to the extreme of putting up bogus addresses and phone numbers that go nowhere.

Dirt Cheap Payday Loans Review

Dirt Cheap Payday Loans isn’t a lender, and are simply a matching service, so they have no control of how much the loans are going to cost you. The loan fees will vary depending on the state that you’re in, and they will not be any less at one lender than another. They say that they search through hundreds of lenders, which is a bit disconcerting, because most matching services don’t search for loans at all, but match you with a pre-qualified lender in their network. Why do they need to search? Haven’t they already assembled a list of lenders and determined their criteria?

Red Flags Everywhere
There are so many reasons not to do business with this site, that we only managed to find one indicator that they’re actually trying to do real business. They have a secure server for their application page. Wow. For all of the other problems with this site it’s amazing that they’ve managed to get something right. There are a lot of other sites that manage to mess this part up, when everything else looks good, but they’ve got it backwards here, with everything else looking horrible, but the application page looking good.

So Many Questions
It’s very odd that a matching service would list physical locations, so we did some digging. Their Miami location is listed as being 17621 11th Ave Miami, FL 33169, but if you enter that into Google Maps you find that it’s a residence. Same thing with their Jacksonville location, their Los Angeles location, San Diego location. Why would they bother to list physical locations when these are not business locations.

Now we were really curious as to the phone numbers they provide. As you’d suspect, they’re all junk. It makes you wonder what the point is for putting this information on the site, since most matching services do not list their address, and have toll free phone numbers that actually have someone answering the phone, not a computerized answering machine.

Fake Testimonial
They have a “testimonial” video on their reviews page that was obviously a Fiverr that cost them a whopping $5 and involves someone that’s never used their service before talking about how easy it was to get a loan through them. Needless to say it doesn’t give one a lot of confidence about the authenticity of the 5 star reviews they have listed, and it takes a hit to the credibility of the site in general.

Our Recommendation
There are good and bad matching services just like there are good and bad lenders. This one doesn’t really give us the feeling like you’d be getting dirt cheap payday loans, and more like you’d just be giving up your personal information without a solid feeling like you’re going to get a cheap loan. Every indicator points to this website being a scam, from phony addresses, to phony phone numbers, to phony testimonials. This is the kind of site your mother warned you about. Don’t give them your personal or banking information.

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