Early Payday Loans Reviews

Early Payday Loans ReviewsEarly Payday Loans Ltd. or EPDL, a member of the Albemarle & Bond group of companies, is a provider of financial solutions based in Maidenhead, England. Claiming to offer services that are faster and more convenient than those offered by banks, the company provides quick loans for various purposes that can be obtained within the day.

The guarantee of hassle-free loans is made possible by the online application and processing system employed by the company. As long as you are qualified, you can get funds credited to your account shortly after your application gets approved.

Early Payday Loans Reviews -The Services Offered

Early Payday Loans offers cash advance payday loans from £120 to £800. The company’s short-term loans are designed to address immediate financial needs. The loans will are payable on your next payday, which could be up to 30 days after the loan is obtained if you are receiving your salary on a monthly basis. The company will provide loans for a wide range of purposes including car repairs or unexpected household or personal expenses. New customers will be granted loans from £100 and £400 while those who have already had transactions with the company may borrow up to £800.

Borrowing Costs
The company charges £25 for every £100 of loan extended. Early Payday Loans maintains its reputation as a good lender by ensuring that there will be no hidden fees and charges for whatever loan it extends. This means that if you borrow £300, you will have to pay £375 on your next payday or the agreed loan payment date.

Applicant Requirements and Process
Employment and regular income are the basic requirements to be qualified for a payday loan with Early Payday Loans Ltd. A loan applicant is also required to have an active bank account with a credit or debit facility to facilitate fund transfers. The payday loans being offered are mostly web-based. The application and processing are done online. An applicant does not have to go to the company’s office to file the requirements and to receive the approved loan amount. Everything can be done online, through a web browser that supports JavaScript.

To apply, a preliminary online application form will have to be completed. The process is quite simple and straightforward. An interactive form asking for the loan amount sought will be presented. As soon as the amount is specified, details on the corresponding interest payable and total amount to pay will be displayed. This is a convenient way of providing useful customer information and could also double as a method of answering customer inquiries. Moreover, an explanation of the loan terms is presented.

Once the preliminary application form is completed, customer details will be required on the succeeding online forms, commencing the actual loan application process. There will be subsequent forms that will ask for details about the applicant’s personal life, contacts, residence, employment, and bank account. After these forms are filled, the application will be submitted for review and approval. Once approved, the funds will be promptly transferred or wired to the bank account specified in the application form.

Security Guarantee
Those who are concerned about online safety can be assured that the online application process of EPDL is well secured. The company uses a secure https page for the application process, which is certified to be compliant with the PCI data security requirements. The secure online application page has undergone the SecurityMetrics Site Certification vulnerability scan.

Policy on Responsible Lending
The company ensures that a customer identification process will be undertaken before approving any loan. As such, applicants who are deemed to be incapable of paying a loan will have to be declined. The company maintains a policy of transparently providing all the financial details involving the loans offered to make sure that applicants are well-informed. This is to avoid possible complaints over mistakes in calculations or additional and hidden charges.

Customer Service
Early Payday Loans Inc. processes loan applications online but it also maintains a physical office. Customers who want to visit the company’s office to discuss credit options with one of the company’s employees can freely do so or they can contact the company at telephone number 0845 653 1365 or fax number 0845 653 1364. EPDL also has an online contact form for conveniently sending customer inquiries and feedback.

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