Easy Approval Payday Loans Guide

Easy Approval Payday LoansIf you’ve been having trouble getting a payday loan, you might be looking for easy approval payday loans. But many of the loans that are available are going to have the same basic requirements, so a better strategy might be to fix the hang up so that you can get a payday loan from any lender.

The basic requirements that most lenders are going to ask for is that you’re currently employed, and have been for some months, usually 3 but this can vary. They’ll also want a bank account in your name. Some places accept checking accounts and savings accounts, but many will want a checking accounts so that you can write them a check and so you’ll have your routing number and checking account number handy. Some of the easier requirements are a government issued photo ID so they know who they’re giving their money to.

Easy Approval Payday Loans Tip: Be Prepared

The biggest roadblock to getting a payday loan is not having all of the necessary paperwork and information available when they ask for it. Countless times we’ve seen people show up thinking they can just get a loan with a modicum of paperwork and information. Since there are only a few things that a payday lender requires, they are pretty adamant about you needing to have those things. They’ve boiled the process down to it simplest parts, and they can’t take away anything. They are not asking for your pay stub because they want to be mean, they need it in order to give you a loan.

They Want to Approve You
One misconception is that a payday lender doesn’t want to give you the money, or that they are holding the money from you because they feel you’re not loan-worthy. A payday lender makes their money by loaning money out, not by being stingy with it. They definitely want as many customers as possible, so don’t think that they don’t want you to have the money, or are making you jump through hoops in order to get it. Once you shift your mindset to thinking that a lender wants to give you the money, you can work hand in hand with them to facilitate the process, instead of viewing them as an adversary.

Have What They Need
If you don’t have a paystub because you’re unemployed, bring in your proof of unemployment papers and some lenders can help you by using that as a form of income. If you are retired bring in your benefits statement that shows how much you get, and how often, and most lenders can get you qualified with that information. If you don’t receive paper statements from your bank, go in and ask for a printout of the last 30 days. Many lenders will accept that as your bank account proof. If a lender seemed willing to loan to you but just needed one item you don’t have, ask them to help you come up with ideas to make it happen.

Recurring Problem?
If you’re running into a recurring problem at different lenders, even if you have all of the information and paperwork they’re asking for, it could be that you’re just not eligible for a payday loan and even easy approval payday loans won’t help. Perhaps you don’t make enough money, or you already have too many loans out in the state where you live. In that case you could try going with an online loan, but these have some inherent problems, so we always recommend trying your best to get a loan from a local payday lender before pursuing other options.

Best Tips for Easy Approval
If we could offer one piece of advice it would be to call ahead and ask a lender what you need in order to get a loan. They will rattle off a list of what they require, so have a pen and paper handy. Gather up the documents, and when it comes time to filling out the loan don’t leave any blanks on the application. Fill in all of the phone numbers, and make sure that you have a working phone, since most lenders will call to verify that they can get a hold of you.

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