Easy Money Now Review

Easy Money Now ReviewEasy Money Now says that you can get money when you need it most, up to $255 dollars in states like California, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah, Hawaii, and Delaware.

What’s most interesting about this company is that they have both real world and online options. So you can go to one of their branches, or you can fill out their online application. A nice part about their application is that it is on a secure server, in fact the entire site is hosted securely. You won’t find these qualities at every lender you see online, so it really sets them apart from a lot of the competition.

They have an app that you can download using Google Play or from the Apple App Store, and they say that they are the first in the industry to offer loans through a mobile application. This could be one way they plan to take over the small loan market. It’s definitely the first time we’ve ever seen this, after reviewing over 300 different payday sites. The benefit of using a mobile app is that you can apply from just about anywhere. Seeing how it’s often the case that you’ll borrow the money more than once, it only makes sense to make it as convenient as possible.

Easy Money Now Review – Small Loan Amounts

Easy Money Now is playing small ball when it comes to the amounts they are willing to loan. With a max loan amount of $255 and a total fee of $45 they are obviously going to have to make up for these low amounts by doing a high volume. Not an easy thing to do in such a competitive market where borrowers have hundreds of lending options. But it seems that they have some good ideas in place, with their mobile app and secure website, as well as real world locations.

Payday Loans Are NOT Easy Money
One thing that should be cleared up is that there isn’t any such thing as a payday loan that is easy money. Payday loans are expensive money no matter how you cut it, and the risk of falling into the payday loan trap is always a possibility. So we can’t really say that this is easy money by any means, and it should not be taken lightly. While getting the money might be easy, paying the money back may not be very easy at all. Especially if you have to take out the loan again and again to solve the same financial problem. There’s no such thing as you the money, you have to earn it, but they are playing on the idea that this money is somehow easy to get and will solve your problems.

Loans for Your Lifestyle?
Another example that they might be a little out of touch when it comes to what people are using payday loans for are some of the terminology they are using on their site, including rather large slogan. “Loans for your lifestyle.” is the slogan, and it makes us wonder what sort of lifestyle they are talking about, since most people don’t consciously create a lifestyle that forces them into needing a payday loan. Most people wouldn’t call financial mishaps part of their desired lifestyle, so it is a little confusing to us. One more sentence that is a little odd is “Life has a way of throwing things our way.” we think what they are trying to say is that life throws you curveballs, but they didn’t really convey this very well and it makes it seem like they are saying life has a way of throwing money at their way

Our Recommendation
Easy Money Now may be a good way to get fast access to a little bit of cash when you are free experiencing a mild financial setback which loan maximums of $255 you can’t get into too much trouble with this loan, and it is about a third of limit of other lenders in the industry. When you are talking about paying back $300 for a $255 loan, the chances of getting into even more debt are less likely than if you are taking out $1000 or more.

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