Easy Money Orders Review

Easy Money Orders ReviewEven though the site is called Easy Money Orders they offer payday loans as well. In fact it doesn’t make much sense to have a site called easy money orders because money orders are always easy, you just walk up with your cash and you walk out with a money order. The most popular money orders are Western Union and MoneyGram and these are available all over the place so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a money order ever.

Payday loans are a little trickier to get than a money order, and they can lead to some sticky situations if you don’t handle them properly. Most of the time you will see a payday loan billed as being “easy to get” or quick, but you should not rush into one just because it’s easy. They may be easy to get but they are not easy to get out of. They will often lead to getting stuck in what’s known as the payday loan trap. This is when you can’t make it to your next payday after paying off your current payday loan, causing you to take out another payday loan and in essence reborrowing the same money over and over again.

They say that they don’t check your credit to get you approved, and that the whole process is quick and that they can get you a same-day cash transfer. But in all likelihood you won’t see the money until the next business day, even if they do manage to get the money sent over the same day on their end. Thank you bank for that, since they will most likely be the ones slowing down the process and holding it up until the next business day.

Easy Money Orders Review – What They Do

You may be wondering what they do, and how they can help you find a payday loan, if they can at all. There’s actually nothing at the site that hints at money orders, so there’s no real reason for the site to be called easy money orders. They are probably just trying to rank in the search engines for people looking for easy money orders and then hoping that these same people need a payday loan as well. Some payday lenders have started offering money orders along with the payday loans as a way to offer more than one financial service, but there’s no real connection between needing a money order and needing a payday loan.

What They Are and Aren’t
Easy Money Orders is set up so that you can only do one thing, and that’s fill out their application. They’re not a lender so who know what happens to your application once you submit it. They don’t shed any light on this, and maybe they send it to a dozen lenders, or just one, or maybe a hundred, You really have no idea and you have no control over where you information ends up once you send it over. It appears to be a secure site but you can’t be totally sure because the address is still reading http and not https the way a secure site would.

What’s In a Name?
Why harp on their name so much? Because it shows where their interests are. Why name your business something other than what it does. If you are selling cars don’t call yourself a waffle place. It doesn’t make sense. A borrower would want to go with a lender that is all about payday loans, not all about something other than payday loans. We just can’t get behind a company that can’t even call themselves something that relates to what they actually do, and in this case they have everything to do with payday loans, but call themselves easy money orders. Weird.

Our Recommendation
Easy Money Orders doesn’t really provide much in the way of value, and so we can’t say that we’d recommend going with them. There are so many other places to submit your application that offer customer service and a more secure application with https in the URL window, so find one of those before going with them. They don’t have anything to do with money orders and are all about the payday loans.

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