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Easy Payday LoanWhen it comes to getting a cash advance, everyone is seeking an easy payday loan. When times are tight we just don’t have time for any hold-ups. If a lender asks for documents you can’t provide, or a Social Security number that you don’t want to give, it seems as if they are just drawing out the process and making your life even more difficult in the moment.

But there are some thing you need to understand about the payday loan industry to see why the process is set up the way it is, and why it may sometimes seem like a lender doesn’t want to loan you the money.

Basic Info Needed
No matter how easy they make it, they will still need some sort of identification of who you are, where they can hunt you down in case you don’t pay, and what kind of assurance they have that they’ll get the money back, i.e. how much money do you have coming in. Some places will not care too much whether or not you have the money coming in, as long as you pay them back plus the fee. Other places won’t loan to you unless you have an ironclad income or some other source of funds.

Some places won’t loan to you without running your credit, while others will give you cash without doing a credit check. Not doing a credit check is a basic staple of most payday loan companies, so if you get denied for a loan because of your credit, you were most likely dealing with an online loan company, and not a true payday company. Your job is your credit and your collateral at a payday advance lender.

No Difficult Payday Loans
There’s really no such thing as a difficult payday loan, because a company that makes the process harder than it has to be is going to go out of business in a hurry. The easier the loan, the more you can expect to be taken advantage of. Many of the places that make the process a little too easy are the ones that are most guilty of raking you over the coals. All else being equal, the easier it is to get a loan, the more you can bet that the company is getting the better end of the deal.

Payday companies do not want to make the process hard, and anything they require from you in order to take out the loan is probably mandated by state law, or they wouldn’t ask you for it. Contrary to popular belief, they want you to have the money. The only way they make money is by giving money to people, so it is in their best interest to get the money in your hands and get the contract signed. The money is the product they are selling, and they will do what it takes to move the product.

An Easy Payday Loan Comes With a Price

Think about picking up a gallon of milk at the local convenience store. It’s often easier than going to the supermarket, walking all the way to the very back of it, and waiting in a long line to get checked out. However, the milk from the corner store is going to cost more. You pay for the convenience, and in many cases we don’t mind because our time is valuable.

That’s why it’s important to realize that you are paying a premium by being able to get money from complete strangers without any collateral backing the loan. They make it easy to get the money because if they didn’t, people wouldn’t bother with the process.

You pay the high fees and rates because you think that your only way out of your jam is to get a loan, but what you might not realize is the extra time that you’re going to have to give up in order to pay for the ease of the transaction.

Money is Time
You work hard for your money, and you hate to see it get wasted. When you take out a payday loan you are basically buying time. But you are using time in order to pay for time, and this is never a winning situation. The time you are paying for the just a buffer, you are pushing your problem to a later date, but it will still catch up with you, so what are you really paying for?


The two weeks will come sooner than you think, and you will most likely be in the same, or worse position, because you will not have the payday loan fee to pay, which is $20 to $70 and you’ll likely need to reloan the money. So you’ve effectively added a monthly bill of $40 to $140 to your list of expenses. And you have absolutely nothing to show for it.

What’s worse, you will have to pay for these fees with the money from your paycheck, which you traded your time for. The time you spent at work to earn the money can never be replaced. It’s precious and priceless, and when you take out a payday loan you essentially trade something of so much value for something of no value, or even a negative value.

Pseudo Emergencies
The reason why you want an easy payday loan is because you likely have yourself convinced that you need the money immediately. Anything that slows down the process is going to make your situation worse, or so you believe. It’s important that you don’t paint yourself into a mental corner and think that you are in a dire situation that can’t be resolved without a payday loan.

It might be hard, but try to think clearly and project things into the future. What would really happen if you didn’t get a payday loan right this instant? Would it really be all that bad, or would it just cause some inconvenience for a little while? What would be more painful, to go without a payday loan and deal with what happens as it happens, or to get a fast cash loan and dig yourself deeper into a financial hole?

Don’t Panic
In a panic state, things might seem like they’re more difficult than they really are. If you were thinking more clearly, perhaps the payday loan process wouldn’t seem as drawn out as it does. Money problems seem to bring more problems with them, as you view the world through a smaller lens than you normally would otherwise.

Take a deep breath and try to get some perspective. Trust us that the process, even at a brick-and-mortar company with state laws and regulations, is as easy as it can be. Name, verification of having a job, of having a checking account, and your driver’s license and you can get $600 to $1000 or more with nothing else put up as collateral, and even with bad credit.

That’s pretty amazing. True, the money costs a ton but this is really as easy as they can make it without making a really bad investment.

Our Recommendation on an Easy Payday Loan

We don’t recommend going with a lender that makes the process too easy, or that doesn’t take it very seriously. It doesn’t make much business sense to just give money out willy nilly to anyone that asks for it. There has to be a moderate level of hoops to jump through and information to provide in order to receive the money. If there isn’t, there is probably something going on that you’ll find out about later, in the form of aggressive tactics to get their money back.

Go with legitimate lenders that have gotten positive reviews at our site. This way you know you’re dealing with a reputable company that has been around for a while and is making the process of getting an easy payday loan as hassle-free as legally possible.

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