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eCash in Minutes RevieweCash in Minutes says that they offer loans without checking with Teletrack before deciding whether to loan to you. If you’re listed on Teletrack then this may be the sort of service you would want to go with, as long as all of the other facts check out about them, which is what we’re here to find out.

First, you have to realize that even though their name suggests that you can get cash in minutes, you will not be getting cash in minutes, unless we’re going about hundreds and hundreds of minutes. Every span of time can be measured in minutes, technically, but when you say you’ll get something in minutes it usually means a brief period of time, and surely less than an hour, or then you’d start measuring time in hours. So just know that it will likely be several hours before you have anything resembling cash, and even more likely that it will come in the next business day.

They say that you won’t have to fax anything in, which means that they will be able to give you an approval without the need of faxed documents like a bank statement or your last pay stub. There are many online lenders that will require this extra step, which is why there are many lenders that advertise that they do not require it. They say that they have hassle free online loans, and not collecting faxes is one way to make sure that the process stays hassle free.

eCash in Minutes Review – The Real Story

eCash in Minutes is the sort of site that we see all over the place, with the same promise of no credit checks, no faxing, and getting cash to you in a hurry. If you’re sick of seeing sites like these, there’s a reason, it’s because they are super simple to set up, and require no maintenance so they can just be left there for years and if they make any money, great, and if they don’t, no big deal.

Not Secure
Their application is not hosted on a secure server with https in the address bar. Always look for this when sending any sort of personal information, especially your banking and employment information. This is all someone would need to steal your identity and start using your credit. Even if you have bad credit you don’t want anyone making it worse by applying for credit at a lot of different places before giving up and moving on to the next victim.

What Do They Even Do?
We couldn’t find a shred of helpful information at this website, and other than offering a few lame promises and an insecure application, we don’t see much need for a site like this. The payday industry has three types of sites, basically. You have direct lender sites which have you dealing directly with the lender that can make the loan decision right away. Then you have matching sites that are supposed to take your information, analyze it and match you up with a lender that loans to people in your situation.

The third is parasitic affiliate sites like this that do not offer anything of value and simply stand in the way between you and lenders. They do not match you up with lenders, but simply pass your information on to a third party or parties in hopes of collection a small fee for doing so. They really serve no purpose, but unfortunately they are the majority of the sites you’ll find when you search for payday loans. Something should really be done about this, and we do our best to call them out.

Our Recommendation
eCash in Minutes can’t get our recommendation because they don’t provide any sort of value to the consumer. We’re a consumer advocate, and we’re always looking for sites that provide added value to the situation. We realize that the payday loan industry is what it is, and overall we say to avoid payday loans altogether, but if you’ve decided to take one out you should go with a site that is set up to help you rather than just collect an affiliate commission from you.

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