Everest Cash Advance Reviews

Everest Cash Advance reviewsEverest Cash Advance operates as a direct lender as well as a sort of matching service for payday loans. They say that if they can’t help you with a loan that they’ll put you in touch with other lenders that might be able to. This makes them a sort of hybrid, which is something that you don’t see too often in this industry.

When you’re looking to get a payday loan there are basically two types of sites you’ll find. Those that belong to direct lenders that will actually be the entity loaning you the money, and those that belong to middlemen that are simply trying to generate leads for direct lenders. It seems they are trying to fulfill both roles here, and that means that they could technically make more money, but it also leads one to wonder which part of the business model they’re focusing more on.

If they are a direct lender then they should be making enough money through that business to not have to dabble in being a matchmaker. And if they are successful at lining up borrowers with the right lender, they shouldn’t need to worry about loaning out money. There is probably a good reason why most businesses out there focus on just one or the other. It seems that they should stick to one function and then try to do that as best as they can. For example there are some really good matching services out there, and that’s all they do is collect applications and then sell the leads or get a commission off the loan. Why try to compete with them when you can just be a direct lender?

Everest Cash Advance Reviews

Everest Cash Advance has a nicely encrypted site right from page one, so there’s no issue with an unencrypted page, and if you decide to do business with them you won’t have to worry about that. Surprisingly there are many lenders out there that don’t bother to encrypt their application page, and it’s amazing that people would considering giving their personal and banking information over an ordinary page.

Customer Service
Like many lenders they don’t really provide a lot of ways to contact customer service. There’s an email address and a toll free number with business hours listed. Some lenders have live chats available as well as 24/7 customer service hours on their phone lines, and this can sometimes be a reason to choose one lender over another. Granted there probably won’t be many instances where it’s after hours and you’re needing some information on a loan, but it’s nice to know it’s there if you’re ever in a bind.

Information Sharing
One thing that we didn’t like was that if they can’t fund your loan they will automatically pass your information along to someone that can. In this respect it would be better to go with a loan matching service where they will only put you in touch with lenders that are willing to lend to you. That way you know that you’ll only have to fill out the application one time, and you’ll be assured of a loan. If you go with this site they might not be able to help you, and they don’t make any guarantees that by sharing your information with other lenders that you’ll get a loan.

Member Accounts
One feature that you’ll find with Everest Cash Advance that you typically don’t find with other lenders is that you get an account created at their site and you can log back in as a member to check your account status and to re-loan if you ever need to in the future. Bypassing the application process is a great feature, and one that many would find useful, especially compared to a lender that doesn’t have this option.

Overall we would say that they might be worth trying out, but you should also consider other direct lenders that won’t share your information with third parties, or go with a matching service that guarantees that you’ll be matched with a loan. That way you don’t waste time getting rejected if you know that you’re a high risk borrower, or you’re aware of some other reason why a payday lender wouldn’t want to lend to you.

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